Accreditation Corner

The Government of India has recently initiated a series of steps to improve the level of quality of education in the schools across the country. The latest policy document namely, the Eleventh Five Year Plan has also focused on improving the quality of school education. Accreditation by definition is an affirmation of 'Quality'. It is the means of demonstrating confidence in the schools' purposes, performances, and human and financial resources. Thus Accreditation is a process in which certification of competency, authority, or credibility is presented.


The need for quality assurance arises from the following:

  • Assessment and Accreditation will provide an incentive for self-study and self improvement.
  • It will reassure external stakeholders such as employers, professional bodies and the general public, about the legitimate quality of Shalom Hills
  • International School as well as the relative quality status of the institution as compared to other similar institutions.
  • Third party assessment and accreditation and the resultant certification, would vouch for the competence of Shalom Hills International School to provide education of a high standard.
  • Assessment and accreditation would enhance the responsiveness of communities of learners.
  • Accreditation would ensure that we prepare the students for citizenship responsibilities, successful careers, acquisition of life skills and life- long learning.
  • On the whole, it would help Shalom Hills International School in capacity building.

SHIS Philosophy of Quality:

Quality is a very subjective area of improvement in education and should be seen in a holistic manner. Quality education is closely interconnected with cultural, political, social and economical contexts. At SHIS we aim to establish a quality assurance system within our structures, so we have taken this initiative by analyzing various aspects of excellence in education and defining it with our own idea of quality.

Parameters of Quality Assessment

The CBSE School Quality Assessment and Accreditation (SQAA) is holistic as it covers all aspects of a school functioning, namely

  1. Scholastic Domains
  2. Co-scholastic Domains
  3. Infrastructural Areas
  4. Human Resources
  5. Management and Administration
  6. Leadership
  7. Beneficiary Satisfaction.

The Seven Domains identified by CBSE focus on the seven areas and processes of developing the capabilities of school holistically. The Domains are further divided into Sub-Domains which qualify the various aspects of that particular domain.

By participating in the process of accreditation we will raise the bar of excellence and move towards continuous improvement in quality, thereby ensuring to prepare its students for citizenship responsibilities, successful careers, acquisition of life skills and lifelong learning.

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