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Workshop on Bully to Buddy November 16, 2018

  • Health Wellness

The workshop on Bully to Buddy was conducted for the students of class VIII by Ms. Aleena Ali- Expressive & Art Therapist of Fortis Hospital, Gurugram. Ms Aleena highlighted that the problem of bullying is rampant and in order to provide an effective and efficacious method for tackling the problem, FMRI launched the campaign in 2016. The campaign provides support to schools to create a system of managing bullying, developing rules & reporting systems, and empowering students to say NO to Bullying.
Differentiating between Buddy & Bully, Ms. Aleena defined a Bully as someone who uses his/her strength to influence, harm or intimidate others, and a Buddy as a friend to the victim. A Buddy can help a bully to nurture the qualities of empathy and adopt peaceful behaviour. Ms. Aleena also stressed on being a Buddy and not a Bully, creating a caring classroom and not being a bystander.
The difference between Upstander and Bystander was also highlighted. While a bystander will always promote and encourage bullies’ behaviour, an upstander acts or speaks up when he/she sees something wrong, stands up for what is right and does everything he/she can do to support and help others. The speaker encouraged the students to be a friend as bullies are less likely to pick on someone who is part of a group. Also to walk away to convey to the bully that what’s happening is not OKAY.
Finally, Bully prevention tips were shared with the teachers to create a bully free environment in the school.

Workshop on First AID 15th September 2018

  • Health Wellness

A workshop on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and First Aid was conducted on Saturday, September 15, 2018 for the staff members of the school. The workshop was conducted by a team of Max Hospital, led by Dr. Jharna. It imparted knowledge of commonly occurring situations in our day to day life. It was explained to teachers on the need to remain calm in adverse situations and how to give basic medical aid to students, if required.
A hands-on training was demonstrated in CPR and other medical conditions like bruises, cuts, nose bleeding, chocking, vertigo, fits etc. by the team. The workshop was followed by a doubt clarification session which was dealt by the doctor with fervor and patience. The doctor answered all the questions raised by the teachers.
It was an interactive and educative session to equip teachers with skills and confidence to use first aid and CPR in real life situation.

Workshop : “BULLYING” 23rd July 2018

  • Health Wellness

The Health and Wellness Department of Shalom Hills International conducted a workshop for Students of Grade-I on the Topic “BULLYING”. It was conducted by the junior counselor Ms. Kristna Kalpana Pattnaik of the Primary wing.
The session was an interactive one and the resource person made sure that every student present there got involved in the discussion for better understanding of the topic and learnt to stand up for oneself and also to be assertive. The counselor apprised the children about the types of Bullying like Physical Bullying, Verbal Bullying and Relationship Bullying. The children were very curious and asked various questions regarding Bullying. They shared some of their personal experiences. It was also emphasized that if anything happens within the school premises, they should feel free to share it with their respective Class Teachers.
The following tips were given to students as how to deal with situations if they are bullied:

  • Ignore them.
  • Don’t cry.
  • Talk about it to someone else.
  • Pretend you didn’t hear them.
  • Do it with a sense of belongingness.
  • Don’t get angry.
  • Write it down so you don’t forget to tell someone.
  • Don’t even look at them.
  • Don’t show them that you are upset.
  • Respond to the Bully evenly and firmly.
  • Turn the comment into a joke.
  • Remember you are not the one with the problem; the bully is.
  • Turn and walk away.
  • Go somewhere that an adult is present.
  • Talk to an adult.

Life - skills Workshop for Grade X April 21, 2018

  • Health Wellness

An interactive workshop was conducted on Life skills for the students of Grade X by Terracotta Capabilities. Mr. Himanshu was the guest speaker who in clear and succinct words explained how important it is to set goals in life. He talked about the various skills required to live a satisfied and fulfilling life and emphasized the importance of setting and identifying smart goals in life and talked about a few strategies to implement practically in order to reach the specific goals. He also stressed upon the fact that a bigger goal is always a set of smaller goals and that the children can easily achieve whatever they want in life by mastering the three important life skills namely, thinking, social and emotional, and by understanding their own values and beliefs.
Towards the end of the workshop, he involved the students in a coin game in which the children were supposed to collect coins in some order and the goal was to reach the fifteenth one. The students enjoyed the game thoroughly.

Workshop on Aggression Management

  • Health Wellness

The Pro-Social Peer Moderator Programme is an initiative taken by Fortis Group of Mental Health Department which provides a platform for students to learn application-based life skills through the medium of interactive workshops. The theme of today’s workshop was ‘Aggression Management’ which was attended by Ms Bhupinder Kaur- Senior Counsellor along with the students of class IX & X on 11th April’2018. The children from different schools participated as moderators to learn and spread awareness on ‘What Aggression is, its Types, Bystander’s Role, Consequences of aggression and How it can be managed’.
Ms Chitwan Kaur & Ms Mimansa Singh headed the workshop and told the difference between Anger & Aggression. Anger is an emotion that can be good or bad, need not be directed at others and is normal and natural, whereas Aggression is a behaviour, is always harmful, directed at others and can be controlled. Aggression most of the time is learnt from friends, family, community and media. Aggression also means defying authorities, bullying, yelling, breaking, interrupting, intending sarcasm, gossiping, spreading rumours, excluding or sitting alone. The concept of bullying was also explained in detail through various activities.
Aggression can be managed by Identifying its triggers for e.g watch your thoughts, catch it at the right time; Channelize Your Anger by expressing yourself, problem solving; channelize your energy and be regular with sleep, appetite and recreation. Build Empathy- by stopping the blame game as blaming does not give solutions, by putting yourself in other’s shoes, listening to others’ views, reasoning it out and trying to ‘forgive’. Become Assertive- focus upon style of communication- Being an Aggressive, Passive, Passive Aggressor & Assertive. Children were helped in giving assertive responses in different situations.
Finally, a Role Paly activity was done by segregating children into different groups who campaigned on ‘Life Without Aggression’ through Enactment, Poster Making & Story Telling.

Workshop on “Puberty in Girls” January 19, 2018

  • Health Wellness

The junior counselor of the primary wing, Ms.Kristna, Health and Wellness Department of Shalom Hills International School conducted a workshop for girls of classes IV and V on the topic -“Puberty”. Girls are unprepared for puberty and develop negativity to this transition. Girls feel they lack the information and readiness to cope with the onset of menstruation.
The session started with the counselor asking the girls about their knowledge and awareness on the topic to make them feel comfortable. She also went on to explain things that are shown in the television advertisements. The session was an interactive one and the resource person made sure that every student present there actively participated in the discussion for better understanding of the topic and learnt to accept any physical or mental change gracefully. Emphasizing that such changes are a natural process and occur in every girl’s life, she encouraged the girls to acknowledge the fact that growing is inevitable and a part of every girl’s journey towards adulthood.
Following Tips were given to the children for understanding growth and accepting it with grace and dignity:

  • 1. "Puberty is the cornerstone of reproductive development”.
  • 2. The age of breast development is at the age of 8 to 10 yrs.
  • 3. Adolescents should be comfortable to discuss things with their mothers and teachers and seek advises from time to time.
  • 4. Being educated about puberty gives confidence in dealing with it.
  • 5. Accepting physical change is very important.
  • 6. It’s a natural change so one should be prepared for it.

Workshop on Bullying 14th Sep-27th Sep 2017

  • Health Wellness

A two week campaign on Anti-Bullying was initiated for all classes from I- XII by the Health & Wellness Department of the school on bullying, to create an awareness among the children about the risks involved with regard to child safety and simple preventive measures that can be taken to reduce these risks.
A session was planned with the help of the counsellors along with the teachers for the children of different ages, giving them age-appropriate inputs about simple concepts covering bullying, internet bullying and internet predators, other forms of victimization, physical abuse and sexual bullying. Bullying as a concept, and physical abuse in particular, where a child is frequently kicked or pushed and therefore hurt physically, is far easier to understand, report and manage for the school, as part of its Anti-bullying policy.
The psychology of a Bully and the long term effects on victims was discussed in detail. The children were encouraged to help the victims by giving them the assurance of support. It was emphasised to not leave the incidents unreported as it encourages the violent behaviour of a bully. It should be sensitively managed by informing an adult, teacher or a counsellor.
Help is also needed by Bullies to learn social emotional skills like respect, compassion, guilt, remorse and empathy. The children from various sections paid attention to the presentation and showed maximum participation in the discussion, and many cases of bullying were reported thereafter.

Eliminate Hepatitis

  • Health Wellness

July 25th to 31st, marks as the World Hepatitis Week. In a bid to make the students aware of such health issues, Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon, organized a workshop - "Training the Trainer". Gracing the awareness program was Dr. Neelam Mohan, from the department of Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Liver Transplantation.
All the twenty participating schools were introduced and duly praised for their effort. To begin with, the students were given detailed yet precise presentations on Hepatitis A, B, C, and E, with special focus on A and B.
In order to encourage active participation, the workshop kicked off with an impromptu skit and poster making competition. Three students, out of a group of four representing Shalom Hills International School, took up poster making, with enthusiasm. The remaining student practiced their hand at a ‘Nukkad Naatak’, the said impromptu skit, for detailing out how our society is ignorant towards Hepatitis.
The hall, where the poster making was being conducted, overflowed with creativity, and zeal helping the students to gain knowledge first hand.
Concluding the workshop, Dr. Mohan gave away prizes to the most creative and informative posters. The students learnt most profoundly, and got motivated to spread the word about the gravity of Hepatitis situation in India, and the requisite measures to be taken to eliminate it.

Dental Check Up Conducted from 29th April to 15th May

  • Health Wellness

Dental Check Up for children from Grades VI-XII was conducted by a team of doctors from Clove Dental Healthcare. The aim of the dental check-up was to make the young children aware about the importance of oral hygiene. Some tips like brushing the teeth twice a day, rinsing properly after every meal and tongue cleaning were given. Prescription was provided to those with poor dental hygiene, cavities or with sensitivity and they were advised to consult a dentist for regular treatment. It was also stressed by the doctors to maintain healthy eating habits by avoiding excessive consumption of colas and chocolates.
It was an eye-opener for every student who not only understood how to maintain oral hygiene but also to remain fit and healthy in terms of overall well-being.

Workshop on Peer Pressure for Class VIII Students conducted 2nd May’2017

  • Health Wellness

A Workshop on Peer Pressure was organized by the Health & Wellness Department of Shalom Hills International School for the students of class VIII. Ms Rashi- counseling psychologist from Fortis Memorial Hospital of Mental Health Department, Gurgaon, along with her interns, started with an interactive session in which the students were explained that peer pressure is an influence when a peer group, or individual encourages another person to change his/her values or behavior to suit other people’s convenience.
Using everyday examples of negative peer pressure , like cheating during a test, skipping classes, cutting someone out of the group, fighting, missing school, stealing , lying to parents about where they are going, She provided the students with a better understanding on how they get positively and negatively influenced by their peers. She stressed that a child accepts peer pressure due to conformity and the need for recognition, acceptance and affiliation.
Through role plays, the children were trained in building Assertiveness Skills so that they can say NO to unwanted pressure. Some of the tips highlighted being, facing the person directly, keeping an open posture- no crossed arms or fidgeting, leaning towards the person- just enough to show interest, maintaining eye contact and relaxing without fidgeting or getting uncomfortable. Ms Rashi also educated the students on confidence building and decision making skills, and stressed that speaking to adults is the best coping strategy that works best under any situation. It was a wonderful learning experience for the students to get hands-on training through the experts of Fortis Hospital.

Students of Grades IX-X attend a Workshop on Study and Exam Skills on 14th January 2016

  • SHIS Activity

Ms. Bhupinder Kaur, In charge of Health & Wellness Department and Senior Counsellor took an initiative to de-stress the students before they appear for their final examination by joining hands with a team of counselling psychologists of Fortis Health Care Limited, Gurgaon. According to the visiting expert, Ms Divya Jain, Exams are more than just a test of a student’s academic capabilities.

The topics covered in the workshop were Effective planning and organization, prioritizing, goal setting, improving concentration and self-evaluation. Some techniques for effective studying are skimming, highlighting words and phrases and note making. It was pointed out that use of Mnemonics makes learning more fun based and appropriate. The best Coping Strategy is to remember ‘not just to study hard but study SMART’.

Practical and hands-on tips given out during the session included:

• Making a study schedule with focussed, regular and well planned sessions.
• Eating a good diet
• Getting physical activity, relaxation time and engagement in positive discussions
• Sleeping for 7-8 hours during night
• Not comparing your work with that of others
• Avoiding frantic last minute revisions

Workshop on Gender Sensitivity for VII & VIII conducted on 8th Dec’15

  • SHIS Activity
  • SHIS Activity

Health & Wellness Department of the Senior Wing organized a workshop on Gender Sensitivity for the students of Class VII-VIII. The experts from Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Ms Rashi Khanna & Ms Pallavi- Counselling Psychologists made the students understand about the Gender Roles, Stereotypes and Gender Ideologies. They differentiated between Gender & Sex emphasizing that the sex refers to male/female (Biological characteristics) that cannot be changed and Gender is what is expected of us and what we are allowed to do. Gender Roles are learned behaviors that condition us to perceive certain activities.

The experts highlighted how children also get affected by the stereotypes e.g when boys are being bullied or teased for crying or walking like a girl and girls being commented upon their tom boyish looks. Studies shows that 35% people will help someone when they are not surrounded by people & 75% will never initiate themselves in showing helpful behavior.In the end, Ms Bhupinder Kaur thanked the psychologists on the behalf of the school and students and urged the students to show sensitivity towards each other roles & needs and to reduce the stereotypes.

Workshop Attended on “Awareness On Global Dignity” in Fortis Hospital Gurgaon on 29.10.15

  • SHIS Activity

A Workshop on Global Awareness held in Fortis Hospital was attended by Ms Bhupinder Kaur- In charge of Health & Wellness Department of Senior Wing, Shalom Hills International School and also by a few selected students of class IX - X. The workshop started with a short video on Dignity wherein the children from various countries shared their experiences through stories on Dignity.

The aim of the workshop was to spread awareness on Dignity through self-exploration & activities. Dignity according to experts means the way we think, speak, behave & develop a concept of who we are? In an activity, each child was asked to write about their dignity stories “Tell your own personal Dignity story”. The workshop concluded when the groups of children were asked to create their own Dignity symbol and one volunteer from each school had to step forward to speak about the symbol & Dignity. In the end, they were again asked to write a letter – “Letter to Self”. The letter was handed over to the teachers from their own schools who were instructed not to read them till after a year.

Students of Grades IX-X attend a Workshop on “Bullying” on 24th August 2015.

  • SHIS Activity

Health & Wellness Department of the Senior Wing of Shalom Hills International School organized a workshop for senior graders of Class IX & X on the topic of Bullying. Even the students of Psychology from XII-C were a part of the program. Experts from Fortis Memorial Research Hospital namely Ms Arpita, Counseling Psychologist & Ms Aditi Kumar, Art Therapist conducted the workshop & their focus was to impart a clear understanding about the key issues relating to Bullying – Impact of Bullying in the children’s lives, How to deal with bully’s, Understanding the bystander effect, and How we can be united against bullying.

It was an interactive workshop and the two specialists from Fortis Hospital asked the students a few questions to be answered in Yes or No about what they think & feel about bullying and its after-effect on human lives. Ms Arpita shared a few incidents her own life in which she revealed how she was a victim of bullying in her school at Ireland & the way she handled it. Each student was engrossed in hearing her real life story and wanted to know what happened next.

Some senior students too gathered courage to share their life experiences when they were being bullied physically which led to the negative consequences and influence in their lives.Ms Aditi and Ms Arpita called upon 10 volunteers from the audience & formed two groups and engaged them in ’Role Play’ in form of Overt way of expressing & Covert way of expressing depending upon the given Bulliying situation. This way each student understood the role of a Victim, a Bully & Bystander (an observer) in both the situations. They learned the fact that the bully needs to be told a firm NO repeatedly and pointed out that he/she is doing ‘wrong’ , a victim should stand for himself/herself more assertively and the bystander , instead of standing and watching the incident of bullying should help the victim.

In the end, the experts ended the session by showing two videos on Bullying. Ms Bhupinder, Senior Counselor too conveyed the loud and clear message that all the students should understand how important it is to acquire assertive skills, instead of aggressive habits as showing aggression in such situations can lead them into trouble and they would need an adult’s support in preventing the situation from escalating further. The school principal, Mr Atul Bhatt was also present and Ms Bhupinder thanked Mr Bhatt for his keen interest and involvement in important issues concerning the students and for joining them for the workshop.


"All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.
Believe you can, and then you will."

The school counsellor is not only a professional but also a certified educator trained in school counselling with unique qualifications and skills to address all students' academic, personal, and social, emotional and career development needs. In Shalom Hills International School, professionally trained school counsellors implement a comprehensive school counselling program that promotes and enhances student achievement.

Professional school counsellors meet the needs of student in three basic domains:

  1. Personal/Social development
  2. Academic development
  3. Career development

Knowledge, understanding and skill in these domains are developed through classroom instruction,appraisal consultation, counselling, coordination and collaboration.


The counsellor's role in the school takes the shape of 'help' given to a child in case of a need with different difficulty level. The problem handling is child specific.

  1. Individual counselling - Resolve conflicts, identity development, student specific needs (substance abuse, peer pressure etc)
  2. Consultation - Working with teachers and staff to meet students need, e.g. teach staff about various student issues like suicide & loss.
  3. Parent help - Meet individual & groups with parents, provide resources and information on child development, specific topics etc.
  4. Referral - Provide referrals to appropriate professionals in the schools and in the outside community regarding the children with special needs.
  5. Classroom observation - Observe behaviours, relationships and providing feedback to teachers, parents and staff.
  6. Career development - Developing and implementing career awareness as a part of the school curriculum.
  7. Organizing and conducting workshops and seminars on value based/life skills on varied topics like child abuse, anger management, self awareness, role playing and time management etc with the students as well as with the teachers.

Benefits of Counselling to children:

Problems of everyday living are a normal part of life. Family stress is common and can affect everyone. Children can have emotional experiences that prevent them from doing as well as they should at home and at school. Parents suffer when things are not going well for themselves or for their children. Yet when identified early, these types of concerns respond quickly to treatment, sometimes in just a few sessions.

The school counsellor in Shalom Hills works directly with the students in individual & group sessions as well as in classrooms so that students may:

  1. Adjust to a new school.
  2. Establish effective study habits & skills.
  3. Develop positive feelings about society, family, and work.
  4. Build positive feelings about 'self' and others.
  5. Develop skills in communicating and interacting with others.
  6. Cope in change with themselves and their surroundings.
  7. Identify and accept their own and others strengths and weaknesses.
  8. Recognize cause and effects of their actions.
  9. Become responsible for their behaviour.
  10. Receive crisis intervention when in need.

School counsellor helps students become motivated learners and encourages them to discuss their concerns with their parents or guardians. When students face crisis situation then with the help of parents/guardians, counsellors, they can become better individual and devote their attention & energies to the intellectual tasks at school.

  • health and wellness
  • health and wellness
  • health and wellness


The name "SHALOM" means "shanti giri" or peace so the school as its name suggests has a complete, consistent and inherent intolerance to hitting, pushing, teasing, name calling, mean words, threat, gossiping, rumours, cyber bullying and troublemaking. Education in Shalom Hills is replete with value programme, life skills inculcation and spiritual vocabulary and there is zero tolerance of any form of bullying.

In order to provide a robust, healthy and safe environment for the students, the school has adopted various safeguards and precautions to prevent any form of bullying in the school. They are as follows:

  • Empowering Student Council
  • Appointing bus incharges which will include
    1. Student bus incharge- The senior most student travelling in the bus is the bus route incharge and monitors any act of bullying
    2. Teacher incharge- ensures proper seating in the bus with junior and senior student sitting separately
  • Strong School Policies covering
    1. IT ethics guidelines
    2. Cyber Bullying
    3. Emotional safety policies related to bullying and school discipline
  • Procedures followed in School talks / Assemblies/PTA
    1. Positive talks in assemblies by student's and teacher's, Quoting examples from newspapers and CBSE guidelines
    2. CBSE circulars regarding bully are circulated to all parents and teachers
    3. Teacher-Parent conferences regarding cyber safety conducted
    4. Referral to Principal ( special cases )
    5. Talks by Board members of Vishakha Committee
  • Complaint boxes are strategically placed at vantage points and are readily accessible to all students
  • 'No Bullying, please' signboards are conspicuously placed in the school letting out a dire warning against bullying.
  • Counselors on Board
  • Awareness Programmes for the students, parents and teachers through workshops and seminars
  • Prevention of Cyber Bullying through orientation sessions, regular seminars and workshops
  • Surveillance by teachers, heads and staff to prevent bullying in
    1. Playground/ Sports
    2. Washrooms
    3. Classrooms
    4. Corridors
    5. Activity Areas
    6. Dispersal/ Student's Movement
  • Teacher Sensitization Programme
  • Non- verbal Language Training
  • Inculcating good habits and manners from pre primary level
  • Value education and Life Skill Programme in classrooms
  • Intolerance of rumours and gossip
  • Empathy towards new admissions
  • Identifying students with following signs and symptoms
    1. sad and depressed look
    2. loneliness
    3. aggressive behavior
    4. non participation in activities
    5. no friends in class and school