Shalom students lift gold, silver and bronze medals in Skating Championship held in Amity International School on 2nd Feb’12

As many as 8 young speedsters from M III- Class V took keen part in a Skating Tournament held in Amity International School on 2ndFeb’12.

In a sports which requires, speed, balance and of course agility, four students of Shalom Hills International School made it to the winning post as they bagged the 2 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal in the Skating Championship after facing stiff competition from students of other schools.

Shreya Gaur of Shalom Hills International School bags first prize in an English Poetry Recitation Competition held in The Maurya School on 24 th Dec’11

Poetry recitation competitions are frequently held in the school since memorization and recitation build two different but complementary sets of skills. Memorization improves vocabulary; students who memorize poetry improve their fluency as well as verbal and non-verbal expression. Furthermore, recitation also develops skills in presentation. When he /she can stand still even under the gaze of multiple listeners, he’s / she’s learned poise under observation that will serve him/her in social situations for the rest of his life. For this reason, students are groomed from a young age to learn and cultivate poetry recital skills in Shalom Hills International School.

Students from Classes III-IV showed their flair and confidence in poetry recitation by taking part in a Hindi and English Poetry Recitation Competition held as part of Kid’s Carnival in The Maurya School on 24th Dec’11. Shreya Gaur of Class III-C had the audience in splits when she recited a humorous poem, ‘The Tummy Beast’. Her facial expressions, eye movements accompanied with perfectly coordinated bodily actions declared her a clear winner standing heads and shoulders above the other 50 contestants. Through a perfectly modulated voice delivery and emotive enactment, Shreya won not only the first prize but also the hearts and admiration of the judges, teachers and other students alike.

Children of Senior Choir Group of Shalom Hills International School bag the second position in a Carol singing competition on 10th December’11

‘Christmas is akin to a bonfire that warms the heart and home throughout the year.

At the very mention of Christmas, images of Christmas tree, plum cake, pudding, jingling bells, Santa Claus, Rudolf – the red nosed reindeer all readily spring to the mind. Similarly, another vivid memory that Christmas evokes is that of young uplifted trebles singing in praise of the Almighty. A carol can be referred to as a song or hymn that is traditionally sung in groups to praise the importance of Christmas. The lyrics are based on the theme of Christmas so this tradition of carol singing leads to a joyous celebration of Christmas.

To imbue the children with a spirit of divinity, senior choir students of Shalom Hills International School took part in a Carol Singing Competition in the Church of Immaculate Conception, Kanhei, Gurgaon on 10th December’11. They spread the message of sharing, thanksgiving by lifting their voices, hearts and spirits to God. God’s grace awarded them with the second position in a competition in which other schools of Gurgaon also part.

Students win glory for Shalom Hills International School at 4th District Roller Skating Championship 2011-12 on 10th & 11 th December’11

A Rink Race held at Ryder’s Sports Academy Sector 52 and Road Race organized behind HUDA Gymkhana club Sector 29 formed the 4thDistrict Roller Skating Championship 2011-12. As usual, young speedsters from Shalom Hills International School bagged positions in both the events and won laurels for their school.

Congrats to the young winners!

Yash Chaubey of Class III came second in Rink Race

Reva Punia of Class IV bagged the 2nd position in Rink Race as well as Road Race

Mannu Dhyama of Class V came 2nd in Rink Race and 3rd in Road Race

Ananya Acharya of Shalom Hills International School adjudged the Best Speaker in an Inter-School Debate Competition (Jr. Category) in Pathfinders Global School

A bright and promising speaker of Shalom Hills International School, Ananya Acharya looked a pretty picture of confidence and self-assurance as she took part in an Inter-School Debate (Jr. Category) Competition in Pathfinders Global School on 19th November’11. The topic of the debate was an extremely exhaustive one ‘Renewable Resources vs Nuclear Energy’.

In a debate competition in which 19 students participated, the youthful speakers from Shalom Hills presented forceful arguments with maturity and poise. Ananya with her clear articulation, well-researched speech and convincing arguments won the Best Speaker Award as well as the admiration of all present in the audience.

Kudos to the young winner!

Abdus Samad Hashmy and Bhushan Yadav of Shalom Hills International School keep the school banner flying high in an Inter-School Science Quiz in Pathfinders Global School

In order to test their knowledge of Science and of course their razor sharp presence of mind in a Quiz competition, Abdus Samad Hashmy of Class VIII and Bhushan Yadav of Class IX took part and won the first prize in an extremely combative Science Quiz which formed part of the Annual Science Rendezvous organized by and at Pathfinders Global School on 19th November’11.

The preliminary round consisted of two rounds in which the contestants had to quickly choose the correct answer followed by the buzzer round. As many as 19 teams participated in the screening round in which Shalom students made it to the final round.

In the Final quiz, there were additional rounds like the visual round and rapid fire round based on general Science topics namely ‘The Universe’, ‘the human body’ and the Inventions and Discoveries. Abdus and Bhushan displayed their thorough grasp over Science and quick reflexes through their quick and precise answers in all the rounds and literally thrashed competition as they made it to the top position.

Congrats to the winners!

Tara Yadav and Siddhi Hegde of Shalom Hills International School bag the Best Speaker trophies in an Inter-School Debate Competition on 19 th November’11

Speaking on a dry, clinical and totally science-oriented topic like ‘Biotech: a bane or boon’ is enough to give cold feet to many children, in fact it can be a daunting prospect for grown-ups as well. However, Tara Yadav, Karan Nigam of Class VIII and Siddhi Hegde of Class IX practically jumped at the opportunity of exercising their grey cells on this exhaustive topic and expressing their viewpoints.

As many as 21 schools took part in a fiercely contested Inter-School Debate Competition held in Pathfinders Global School on the topic: Biotech: a Bane or Boon’ on 19th November’11. Forceful speeches and convincing arguments flew thick and fast across the hall as talented speakers took to the mike to debate and deliberate on the said topic. Amidst tough competition, richness of expression, clarity of thought and speech and minutely researched content coupled with powerful arguments put forth by Siddhi in favour of the motion and by Tara against the topic gave them a clear and cutting edge over the others. Their well-modulated voices, impeccable pronunciation along with rapier sharp wit in the rebuttal round made them the winners with Siddhi Hegde bagging the Best Speaker for the topic with Tara Yadav being adjudged the Best Speaker against the topic.

Three Cheers to the winning Debate Team!

Little ones of Shalom Hills International School win special prizes and glory in ‘Pitara for Kids’ held in Meenakshi Public School on 12 th November’11

Events and competitions in their own school as well as other schools afford an excellent avenue and podium to all the students of Shalom Hills International School to explore, realize and showcase their creativity and talent in different domains.

One such opportunity came the way of young sprites of M III to Class II students on 12th Nov’11 by way of an event held in Meenakshi Public School. Sakshi Chauhan of Class I was a delight to hear and watch as she exuded confidence and spoke fluently with great expression in the ‘Show and Tell’ Competition. She won a consolation prize.

Shaila Pandya of M III also got a special prize in the ‘Fancy Dress Competition’ for her eye-catching and aesthetically designed attire.

In the ‘Vegetable Painting Competition’, Adya Mathur of M III displayed her artistic skills to the fullest as she bagged a special award in the same category.


Yash Chaubey of Shalom Hills International School wins laurels in 10th CBSE National Skating Championship’12

10th CBSE National Skating Championship’12 was held from 10th – 12th Nov’11 in Jagran School Sports Complex in Noida. Yash Chaubey, a bright and agile youngster of Class III of Shalom Hills International School showed remarkable speech, precision and balance in order to win the 4th position among contestants from all over the country.

Kudos to our little skating star!

Shalom students lift gold, silver and bronze trophies in a Taekwondo Championship held in Manav Rachna International School on 5th November’11

Bright and athletic students of Classes III-V of Shalom Hills International School took part and made a clean sweep of the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in a Taekwondo Championship held in Manav Rachna International School on 5th Nov’11.

In a tough and fiercely contested championship, the youngsters displayed their grit, pluck, determination and of course dexterity.

M. Simaak Khan of Class III-E bagged the gold trophy, Raghvender Chauhan of V-A and Aryan Singh of III-A picked up the silver medals and Ujjwal Tyagi of IV-C was awarded bronze medal.


Students of Shalom Hills make a clean sweep of the top prizes in the Annual Cultural Fest held in CCA on 21st October’11

Festivities and cultural events held during the festival time attract talent and talented children to them like ninepins to magnet. No wonder little ones of Shalom Hills International School took part with marked enthusiasm and loadful of talent in the Annual Cultural Fest’11 held in CCA School on 21 st October 2011.

The annual programme included an array of competitions like Aqua Colours Painting Competition, Kavi Ke Mukh Se, Quiz, Group Dance, Clay Modelling and Fashion Show. The bright students created mind space in the audience with their quick, ready answers in the Quiz on General Awareness and wowed all with their lively expressions, vibrant attire and pulsating dance steps in the Group Dance.

Tiny cherubs of M I- MIII displayed confidence, style and chic in galore as they took to the ramp in the Fashion Show. Even in Clay Modeling Competition, the young ones showcased their ingenious minds and artistic skills to the fullest and won the admiration of all present in the function.

The prizes were bagged in the following categories by the below mentioned students:

  • Quiz on General Awareness - Second Position went to Srishti Sharma of Class II C & Yashvi Bagaria of Class II B
  • Second Prize in Group Dance
  • Fashion Show - First prize was bagged by Shaila Pandya
  • In Clay Modelling, the third prize was awarded to Sheya Wason & Charvi Veda


Heartiest Congratulations to the winners and participants!


Dance is a true and the most creative expression of a place, people and culture. To celebrate and recreate the magic of Indian folklore and dance, Shalom Hills International School hosted an Inter-School Folk Dance Competition on 19th October 2011. More than 21 schools and 500 students participated in the Junior and Senior Category. The Managing Director and the Director of the school graced the occasion.

Glittering costumes, elaborate headgears, tasteful props and eye-catching make-up attracted all eyeballs as soon as the function was underway. India with its glorious culture and tradition sprang into life on the stage to the reverberating beats and lively steps of Bihu, Bamboo, Chari, Chau, Hori, Koli, Phagwa, Chirmi and Lavni folk dances, to name only a few. The dances patronized by the erstwhile royalty of India recreated that glorious era for the spell-bound viewers. The intricate steps and the high octane energy level of the dancers were a visual treat for the large gathering. The life-like props added colour and authenticity to the various dance sequels. The audience was united in their feeling of pride in their country as they witnessed how tradition and culture have fused artistically in the form of our effervescent and meaningful folk- dances.

The first prize in the Junior Category was bagged by Amity International School, Sector 43, and Gurgaon while Summer fields School notched up the second prize. The 3rd prize went to Blue Bells School. In the Senior Category, Manav Rachna International School came top notch, with Blue bells and Amity International School Sector 43 at second and third position respectively. Since accolades and awards become the backbone to encourage the participants and support their dance skills, special prizes were given to D.P.S, Maruti Kunj branch in the Senior Category and to CCA School in the Junior Category.

Dr. Mrs. Lilly George, the Managing Director of Shalom Hills Group of School called all the performances mind-blowing.

Shalom students bring glory in a CBSE North Zone II Skating Championship held from 9th – 11th October’11

Students of Shalom Hills International School learn to excel in studies and sports at an early age. It is heartening to witness young exuberant children showing concentration and special prowess at sports activities which test their agility, speed as well as skill.

Students of Shalom Hills took part in CBSE North Zone II Skating Championship held from 9th – 11th October’11. Of Class IV and Yash Chaubey of Class III lifted the silver trophy and won laurels for their school.

Students of Shalom Hills International School on a hit parade in Kids Carnival held in MGF Mega Mall from 7th-9th October 2011

The immensely talented students of Shalom Hills were literally on the roll as Tanushka Anand, a bright shining star of Class II and Shreya Gaur, a nimble footed dancer of Class III made a clean sweep of the prizes in the Drawing Competition as well as the Kiddie Ramp organized by Saksham Creations in MGF Mega Mall on the 7th and 8th of October’1, on the festive occasion of Durga Pooja and Dushera.

A drawing competition was held on 7th October’11 on the theme of ‘Save the Environment’. Tanushka Anand displayed her artistic skills as well as deep-seated consciousness of environmental issues as she skillfully drew a clean, green city and all the essentials in it – fossil fuels, CNG vehicles and trees. Her creatively etched and vibrantly coloured drawing bagged the 2nd position and won praise from all viewers for the young artist. The next day, Tanushka and Shreya were an epitome of sartorial and stylish taste as they sashayed confidently in the Kiddie Ramp, to the upbeat tune of latest numbers. Their fashionable hair-do and chic dresses were the cynosure of all eyes and they both won 2nd position and special prize respectively.


Shalom student comes first in a Skating Championship held in Scottish High International School on 29thSeptember’11

Speed mixes well with agility and a sense of balance in skating. Thus skating is an exciting sport to participate in as well as watch. It was a delight to watch the young speedsters from Shalom Hills International School race towards the winning post ahead of others in a skating Championship held in Scottish High International School on 29th September’11.

Yash of Class III-E, Chirag of II-D and Mannu of Class V-B came first followed by Reva of Class IVA and Kaenat Sansi of II-B who came second in the tough competition.

Kudos to the talented winners!


Inter-School Fashion Show and Role Play on the theme of ‘Flora and Fauna’ held in Shalom Hills International School on 10th September’11

Fashion suddenly acquired a new dimension and colour as the little ones of Nursery and K.G of schools across Gurgaon sashayed on the stage in an Inter-School Fashion Show held in Shalom Hills International School. The theme of the Fashion Show was Flora and Fauna and it drew a wonderful response from the contesting schools. The young sprites depicted the amazing creations of Nature ranging from unique plants to diverse species in the animal world.

The participants’ exuded confidence coupled with consciousness and concern for Nature and the various problems afflicting it in the Role Play on the same theme.

Promising students of Shalom hills International display prowess in a District Level Archery Championship held on 3rd and 4th September’11

Sports not only test the agility and physical fitness of a person but also develop and hone the concentration, acumen and motor coordination skills. Archery teaches children the important lesson of having single-minded concentration on a target as well as perfect eye-hand coordination. In Under-13 Girls category in a District Level Archery Championship held on 3rd and 4th September’11, Ayman Rida, Rupal, Mansi and Shalini of Class VI-VII of Shalom Hills International School bagged the third position.

Our heartiest congrats to the winners!

Talented students of Shalom Hills on the roll in an Inter-School Folk Dance Competition held in Meenakshi Public School

Fleet-footed students of Shalom Hills International School bagged the first position by putting up a mind-blowing dance performance showcasing the culture and tradition of Kerala, ‘God’s Own Country’ in an Inter-school Folk Dance Competition held in Meenakshi Public School on 24th September’11.

In the folk dance contest on the theme of ‘Indian states’, the talented students presented a rich repertoire of Kerala's dance-forms which is one of the most cogent evidence of its myriad culture and tradition. The graceful dancers flawlessly and in a fascinating play of emotiveness and expressive movements executed the three dance forms of Kerala - folk dance, dance dramas and semi-classical dances. Their dance presentation was a perfect yet dramatic merging of the popular dance forms, literally bringing alive on the stage the diversity and glory of Kerala for the enthrallment of the audience. The dancers were attired in beautiful white with gold border Kasavu saree of Kerala, with the distinctive white jasmine flowers around the French bun at the side of their heads.

The attention given to every domain and nuance of the dance – the steps, the props, the costumes, the melodrama mesmerized and enthralled all the viewers and secured the top-notch position for the Shalom students.

Young Shalomites showcase their skating prowess in an Inter-School Skating Championship held in 15thAugust’11

Yash Chaubey of Class III and Dhruv Yadav of Class II of Shalom Hills International School bagged the first and second position respectively in an Inter-School skating Championship held in Vivekananda School on 15th August’11.

Another young star, Naina bagged the third position in the same championship.


Shalom Hills International School encourages its students particularly the senior students to form, articulate and express their opinions and also hone their public speaking skills. For this reason, even the Linguistics Training Programme includes Speech and oratorical competitions, Debates and Declamations. In addition to numerous brain storming sessions in which the children voice their opinions on thought-provoking and livewire topics, they are groomed to participate and shine in at inter-school avenues and podiums.

Tara Yadav and Abdus Samad Hashmy of Grade VIII took part in a keenly contested debate competition in Pathfinders Global school on 12th August, 11on the topic: Should Reality T.V Shows be banned?’. The confident and promising speakers of our school had the judges, the organizers and everyone in the audience impressed with their weighty content, voice modulation and body language. Tara Yadav of Grade VIII was the clear crowd favourite from the moment she was past a few words of her speech. Her absolute command over voice and facial expressions coupled with her masterful handling of the rebuttal questions had everyone cheering loudly and rooting for her. She came topnotch as she lifted the trophy for the Best Speaker (for the motion). It was a well-organized competition in which all the children spoke well.


The nimble-footed students of Class VII-VIII of Shalom Hills International School literally stole the thunder, in fact, the entire show with their enthralling and mind-blowing Naaga dance in Manav Rachna International School on 5th August, 2011. The black and silver make-up on their faces and bodies, the elaborate head-gear, the vibrant tribal costumes coupled with lithe foot movements testified to the complete authenticity and thorough preparedness of the electrifying dance performance put by Shalom Hills.

Through their intricate and effortless dance steps, the fleet-footed students replicated the magic of a real Naaga dance on the stage. It came as no surprise when the dancers bagged the first position.

Little Shalomites win laurels in a competition held in Manav Rachna international School on 4th August 2011

Two gifted M II students of Shalom Hills Internatioanl School , Astral Nazereth and Ishaan Pandey bagged the third prize in Toran Making Competition held in the event ‘India Calling’ organized by Manav Rachna International School on 4th August, 2011. Both the students displayed tremendous potential through their team work and aesthetic acumen.

Another feather in our cap was added by MI II student Diya Gupta in Skating. He was awarded the second position in an Inter School Skating Competition.


Shalom Hills International School sent its students of Grade IV for an Inter-School Social Science Quiz Contest in Manav Rachna Internation School on 4th august, 2011. It was highly competitive and interactive.

The mega event had 16 qualified teams taking part in it. The Quiz was to test the General Knowledge of the brilliant and talented students at primary level. The audio-visual and rapid fire rounds had variety of questions on ‘OUR COUNTRY’. In the fiercely contested quiz, our contestants Ananya Acharya and Shagun Sharma of Grade IV were thoroughly well prepared with all the answers. Thus they answered most of the questions with in the time. Our students Ananya Acharya and Shagun Sharma of IV grade made us feel proud by securing the third position. Besides this, the team efforts of Yash Gupta and Titiksha in poster making competition was highly appreciated. They showcased a good team work in making a poster on ‘India Rising’ on plywood of 4 feet by 4 feet. It was a difficult task to make the poster in a short span of 2.5 hrs. The students were awarded with certificates and a trophy. The Principal of Manav Racana School congratulated the children, teachers and the organization on their brilliant performance.

Abdus Samad Hashmy of Shalom Hills International School secures top notch position in Microsoft Office Specialist Exam

Abdus Samad Hashmy of Class VIII brought fresh laurels to his school and at the same time, displayed his complete mastery rather wizardry over computers and its software applications and modules in the Microsoft Office Specialist Exam organized by Cyber Learning. In an extremely tough and competitive test, Abdus trotted out an amazing 1000/1000 in just 15 minutes and Siddhi Hegde of Class IX missed the mark by a whisker with an astonishing score of 967/1000. As many as 14 enterprising and computer savvy students appeared for the exam.

Kudos to the winners!

Rakshana of Shalom Hills International School honoured with an Inspire Award by the Department of Science and Technology, Haryana Government

Yet another feather was added to the cap of achievements and successes of Shalom Hills when Rakshana, a bright and talented student of Class IX was felicitated with Inspire Award this month. The Inspire Award conferred by the Department of Science and Technology is accompanied by a scholarship of Rs. 5000/-. Rakshana, as an Inspire awardee has now been called to prepare for and participate in a District Level Science Exhibition for which she has prepared an ingenious project of Waste Water Management.

Our heartiest congratulations to Rakshana!

Abhijit of Shalom Hills International School scores a double win in the 2nd Haryana State Karate Championship

Hide not your talents. They for use were made.

What's a sundial in the shade?

These famous words uttered by Benjamin Franklin spring to our mind when the sprightly and spirited youngsters of Shalom Hills International School grab and grasp every opportunity to prove their talent and mettle in inter school arenas be it debates, dance competitions or sports events. Abhijit a bright, sparkling star of Class III-A of SHIS has proved that he is well on his way to become a Karate champion as he scored a double win in the 2 nd Haryana State Open Karate –Do Championship held at Aggarwal Dharamshala, Gurgaon on 23rd April and 24thApril 2011. The young star of Shalom Hills won a silver and bronze medal in Kata and Kumite Event in the Sub-Junior category (Below 6 years) on both the days of the championship respectively and made his school proud.

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