For admission and other enquiries kindly visit the Administration Wing of Shalom Hills International School. You can also mail us at for any additional information.

· Registrations open for classes pre-nursery onwards in Sushant Lok and Nirvana-South City-II.
· The prospectus and registration form can be collected from the school premises on all working days between 8:00a.m. – 4:30 p.m. 

Bhavya Vyas Khurana

Admin. Incharge


Welcome to Shalom Hills

Shalom Hills International School was founded in 2004 with the motto of providing holistic education with a strong sense of values, thereby combining academic excellence with multiple capabilities. The institution has high class educational facilities with diversity of curricular offerings. Shalom Hills is an institution with a difference, engaged in a steadfast pursuit of excellence and high achievements.

1. What is the vision and mission of Shalom Hills International School?
  Shalom Hills International School has taken upon itself the noble mission of helping young minds to grow and learn in a homely and harmonious environment where ample opportunities are provided to the child to experiment with the truth and facts of life as it unfolds before him or her each day resulting in the all-round development of the child and thus promoting world peace through education. The institution is founded on the values of humanity, love, kindness and continuous learning.

2. To which board is Shalom Hills International School affiliated?
Shalom Hills International School is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE), New Delhi.

3. Does the school follow an International Curriculum?
Although the school follows the CBSE pattern but it is standardized as per international standards catering to the holistic growth of the child.

· The school’s strategic management, long term perspective planning, teacher development and shaping the learning environment, has been developed along corporate lines under the headship of the Managing Director, the Vice Chairman and the specialized team of Directors
·  Teachers are ‘facilitators’ and role models and enjoy an enhanced social status. Full facilities for in-service personal and professional development of the staff are an essential part of the school
·  The concept of multiple-intelligence underscores learning
· Leadership development of our students is founded on experiential knowledge, creativity through emphasis on informal curriculum, co-curricular activities and community service.
· The curriculum is designed to fulfill seven educational needs of the children – integrated value system, leadership within the community, empowerment, ability to make the right choice, maximize intelligence potential, balance between creativity and skills, and self-imposed discipline
. High integration of offline and online learning
· International-class infrastructure in habitat, academics, sports and creativity centers

 4. What is the entry level in the school?
The entry level in the school is 18 months onwards (play group)

5. Up to what level the school has classes?
 The school is entitled to hold classes up to XII standard level. Currently it is up to class XI and a new class is added every year.

6. What is the age criterion?
MI         2 years by March 31st
MII        3 years by March 31st
MIII       4 years by March 31st
I            5 years by March 31st

7. What is the Teacher- Student ratio?
The ratio is 15:1

8. What is the strength of each class?
The Class strength is 35 students per class, consisting of two teachers  along with a maid in junior classes.

9. What are the admission formalities?
  The formalities include the filling up and submission of the application form along with following documents-

1.     Original date of birth certificate
2.     Proof of Address
3.     Three pass-port size photos of the child
4.     One set of parent photograph.
5.    Transfer Certificates (In case of inter state transfer; an endorsement from District Education Office on the original TC is mandatory.) 

10. What are the co-scholastic activities?
The non-academic activity includes martial arts, skating, yoga, theatre, dance, sports, music, cooking, computers, various clubs, linguistic training and a host of other activities. These form an integral part of our school curriculum and are conducted round the year.

11. What method of teaching is adopted by the school?
Teaching from Grade 3 onwards is done through smart classes so as to make learning interesting and stimulating for the students. Students easily imbibe difficult and abstract concepts by watching highly engaging visuals and animations. Study support programs like presentations given by teachers on all subjects including Hindi, worksheets and practical activities make learning an enjoyable process.

12. What is the system of assessment?
At the pre-primary level, emphasis is on motor, oral and creative skills.
.  At the primary level, the school lays stress on continuous assessment that include projects, assignments, class tests, group activities, self-reflection sessions and school excursions based on multiple intelligences. This helps the teachers to find out what the students already know, in order to plan the next stage of learning
. At the middle school level, continuous and comprehensive assessment is supplemented with summative assessments at the end of each term. This includes written, oral and practical tests.
.   At higher secondary level, both formative & summative assessments are conducted and include presentation, reports, test papers, practicals, projects and examinations

13.What medical facilities are available to the students of Shalom Hills International School?

Ans. The school takes utmost care of students’ physical fitness, health and well-being. In case of any emergency, ParasHospital is just across the road and an ambulance is a call away.

14. How is Discipline imposed?
We believe that Discipline is an essential value and should become a way of life. One cannot become a leader or seek excellence unless one is self-disciplined.

Our idea of discipline is that it is not something that should be imposed externally on a child. Discipline is all about self-management. We avoid all corporal punishment and even harsh reproof. Self-discipline is inculcated by embedding sound traditional and ethical values and social sense. Small sized classes, with a teacher-taught ratio as low as 1:15, ensure individual attention and personal care of all pupils. Moreover, the Principal, the Vice Chairman ensures that the code of ethics is followed by all faculty members and the students.

15. Do we admit students from overseas?
Children of NRIs and from overseas are most welcome as they enhance the multicultural requirement of an international school. The school goes a long way in fulfilling their following needs:

. By providing quality school education at nearly half of what parents would pay in their country of residence
. By acquiring academic standards and community values that ensure smooth transition from school education at ShalomHillsInternationalSchool to higher education within countries of residence and in India
.  Capitalizing on our strength in English Language, Maths & Information technology

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