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Workshop on “Mother Daughter Relationship”

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A highly informative, interactive and activity based workshop was conducted on July 29, 2017, in the school, by the Psychology teacher Ms. Mitu Singh, with the support of the School Counsellor, Ms. Bhupinder and the Science Subject-head Ms. Vimla. The aim of the activity, in which the students of Grade XII-C and their mothers participated, was to redefine and enhance the mother-daughter bond. It was based on different activities like-
1. Activity 1- Blindfolding- based on trust factor.
2. Activity 2- Chinese whisper- based on communication factor. This activity had two parts- one where the daughter conveyed the message to her mother and the other in which a big chain was formed through which a message was passed on and later was spoken aloud by the last member.
3. Activity 3- Questionnaire related to web relationship.
Over all it was a very enjoyable experience, both for the students and their mothers. The mothers really enjoyed all the activities which contributed in strengthening this bond.
The parents thanked the School for giving them this great opportunity to be a part of this workshop and help to develop a better understanding and bond with their daughters.
In the words of the parents - “Very good and enriching experience. Hope to see everyone again soon.”

Interactive session on “Effective usage of technology” by a parent, Dr Akanksha on 20th Oct’16

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Today we live in a high tech world, where we are using technology for almost everything. In order to create awareness among our students about the harmful aspect that ensue out of overuse or immoderate use of electronics, an interactive parent-student session on “Effective usage of Technology” was conducted for the students of Class IV. It was conducted by Dr. Akanksha Srivastava, mother of Ishita Srivastava of IV F on 20th October’16. Such initiatives engaging parents form a key part of the Parental Interaction Programme which has been specially conceptualized by Dr Lilly George, the Founder-Managing Director. The school invites and engages parents in a wide spectrum of activities ranging from guest lectures to interactive sessions to assembly by parents.
In this session, the students were clearly told about how excessive usage of technology leads to lack of social skills, obesity, lack of concentration, depression and poor sleeping habits. The students found the session most illumining as they learnt about the pitfalls of technology and the need to use electronics, gadgets and technology judiciously and in moderation.

Assembly by few parents of Grades VI-VIII students on 1st Octber’16

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Under the leadership of Dr Lilly George, Founder-Managing Director of SHIS, many initiatives are taken to involve and engage parents in the school mechanism. As another special initiative of the school management, parents of a few Grade VI-VIII students were given an opportunity to present an assembly before the students on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.
Mr Shah Amber started the assembly with the Lord’s Prayer. Mr Shah Amber was then joined by Mr and Mrs Dilraj and Ms Ashima who gave a soulful and musical rendition of ‘Itni Shakti Hume Dena Data’. The students connected beautifully with Mrs Ashima’s encouraging words that we should always proudly exhibit a ‘ Proud to be an Indian’ spirit and attitude. Mr Dilraj shared mature counsels with the students on how they with their talent and drive can put India on the world map.
The students were enthralled by Mr Shah Amber’s drum performance. The parents thanked the school management and school for providing them with such a platform. Ms. Jyotin Prinja conveyed Dr Lilly George’s appreciation of the parents’ talented performance and their efforts.

Parent Student Interactive Session Workshop on Relaxation held for Grade III, IV and V in July’16

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An interactive parent-student session on Relaxation and Meditation was conducted for the students of class III - V on 19th, 22nd and 20th July respectively. The session was conducted by Ms. Bhumak mother of Sudhir Bhumak of IV F, along with her team of volunteers.
At the outset of the session, the students were instructed to sit comfortably with closed eyes. The process of relaxation started with ankles and toes moving on to legs, hand and to the head at the top. The volunteers made sure that their whole bodies were relaxed. After relaxation, the students were asked to remain still, calm and quiet, till they were asked to open their eyes. It was really a very informative and relaxing workshop for the students.
They really enjoyed the process of meditation and were excited to learn about new things. The students asked questions which were satisfactorily answered and showed eagerness to learn more.

Cyber Safety Workshop conducted for parents in Shalom Hills International School on 7th May’16

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“Building a Cyber Safe world for all its stakeholders”

Through various safeguards and initiatives, SHIS strives to make its students and their parents aware of the menace of fast escalating cyber threats and also apprise them about the preventive measures necessary to pre-empt such threats.
Keeping this in mind, a workshop on “Cyber Safety” was organized for the parents. Ms. Pooja Malhota, a Cyber Safety Counselor and the writer of the book, ‘Be Safe in Cyber Space’ spoke of the DOs and DON’Ts of Cyber Security.
During the session, she elaborated on the need for parental controls, how children and parents need to watch out for warning signs of Cyber Bullying, practice safeguards to create ‘Clean digital Footprints’ and prevent occurrence of incidents that may range from inconvenient to life-threatening. The focus of the talk centered on Smart Surfing, Smart use of Smart Phones, Social Networks/Chat and Mobile Safety Tips. This exposure gave the parents an opportunity to gain awareness of the dangers in Cyber Space and to learn various ways to navigate their way securely as they make the most of this modern age technology.

Orientation Programme conducted for parents of students of Grade I conducted in SHIS on 21st March’16

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With the express objective of allaying parental apprehensions and seamlessly helping their young children (former kindergartners) make the transition into Primary Wing, a special Orientation was held specially for the parents of all students who would now be entering Grade I in the new session.

Mr Atul Bhatt, the Principal extended a warm welcome to the parents, telling them a bit about the school and the importance of parent’s role in their child’s education.
During this session, the parents were taken through each aspect of school’s innovative pedagogy, collaborative learning strategies, assessment and evaluation processes to name a few and what one can expect as a parent throughout the year. Key points highlighted were the importance of a parent’s support, constant communication, importance of observational learning and child-centric education.

The day ended with the parents meeting their child’s class teacher who shared specific information about arrival and dispersal of buses, voluntary opportunities, classroom schedules, and special activities. This session created a special bond among the triangulation network of teachers, students and parents as well as led to deeper understanding of parents about school functioning.

Orientation Programme held for parents of new admissions on 17 March 2016

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The new session 2016-17 kick started with an Orientation Programme held for the parents of the new admissions to the Primary and Senior Wing. Mr Atul Bhatt, the school principal, Mr Priyaa Chauhan, Head-Mistress-Senior Wing and Ms. Rima Gaekwad, H.M of Middle Wing were also present. In his welcome address, Mr Atul Bhatt greeted the new parents and discussed the recent workshops attended by the faculty members. The principal urged the parents to freely share their concerns and constructive feedback with the management, school principal, heads and teachers.

Ms. Rima Gaekwad briefed the parents about almanac details, planners, fee payment details, safety arrangements, transport etc. The IT Incharge explained about the RFID, Transport d GPS tracking app. She revealed how the school draws its inspiration from Dr Lilly George’s vision and mission of holistic development and academic excellence.

Ms. Rima explained the exam pattern, FA-SA marks distribution and weight age, Scholastic-Co-Scholastics areas prescribed under CCE to the parents through a PPT. Ms. Rima particularly touched upon how the CCE specifications– academic, co-curricular, life skills, values and attitude are skillfully integrated into the curriculum in Shalom since its inception.

Shalom parents of Grades IX-X attend Workshop on Career Guidance & Counselling on 9th March 2016.

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The workshop for the parents of class IX & X was conducted by Ms Richa Dwivedi Saklani, Director of Inomi, Career Guidance Company. Ms Richa and parents were welcomed by Ms Priyaa Chauhan, Head Mistress-Senior Wing. Ms Richa apprised the parents about various career choices limited not only to Science but also to other options like MBA, TV Anchoring, Designing, Computer Science. She shared her experience of working with school students, college students, and graduates and even with working professionals who are not satisfied with their current professions and how they were helped in discovering suitable jobs for themselves.

Ms Dwivedi guided the parents that through inome- ‘I Know Me’ which means self-discovery, they get clarity and understanding about child’s inner strengths and desires through guided exercises and psychometric evaluation and further discussions to uncover inner strengths and personality. She threw light on various options in PCM & PCB, Marketing HR, Hotel Management, Media , Sports, Social Work, Defense Services, IT and Human Resources. The informative workshop helped the parents in understanding their child’s hidden potential and deciding in what is best for them.

Annual Graduation Day held on 27th February 2016

  • SHIS Activities
  • SHIS Activities

To celebrate the culmination of the little ones’ academic journey in kindergarten, SHIS held the first slot of its Graduation Ceremony on 27th Feb’16. The ceremony was graced by Dr. Lilly George, the Founder-Managing Director, Ms. Karishma George, the Director, Mr Atul Bhatt, principal, H.M of SPS and other distinguished guests. The parents were the special guests at the function.Shalom faculty joined Ms. Shobhana Venkatesh, H.M of Pre-Primary Wing in thanking Dr. Lilly George for her guidance and deep care of the students and providing the staff with innovative conceptualization of the Graduation Day. The ceremony was a flawless melange of dance sequels, delightful speeches, theatrical presentation of Cinderella and a showstopper fashion show. The performance by the senior-graders on ‘Five Elements’ robbed the audience of their collective breath. Ms Ruchi Bhatia, The Head-Coordinator shared how these winning performances in Shri Utsav owe themselves largely to the unique interpretation of the theme by Dr Lilly George. The function ended with the grand finale, Shalom Anthem and National Anthem.

Dr. Lilly George thanked the parents and grandparents for entrusting their babies into the Shalom fold and dedicated the occasion to her darling kindergarteners.

“Multiple Intelligence Presentation ” conducted by Grade I students on 21st November 2015

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A truly multi-sensory and multi-dimensional show was presented by the children of Grade 1 based on Multiple Intelligences. The young students from all sections were divided, according to their intelligences i.e. Linguistic ( English & Hindi ) , Logical , Spatial, Naturalistic, Bodily Kinaesthetic ( Skating , Karate, Placard Activity), Musical, Art & Craft , Dance & Life Skill . Their multiple intelligences, stage daring and confidence were in full display in front of the audience which included their parents. Their high spirits and high-octane energy levels were seen in their performances like role play, dancing , singing and other activities like building blocks, explaining Power Point Presentation etc. The parents moved from one skill club to another skill club enjoying each performance. The parents were fascinated to watch young learners putting up such a wonderful show.

Parental Interactive Session conducted with Grade II students on 28th August, 2015

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An interactive Parent - Student session was conducted in Class II where Mr. & Mrs. Aggarwal, parents of Disha Aggarwal Class II E explained and demonstrated the importance of Green Environment by planting saplings in the school garden. The parents planted many saplings which the gardener watered. The parents and students appreciated the gardener’s contribution in keeping the garden and surroundings green.

The parents acknowledged and thanked the school and students for their endeavor to making the school, surroundings and city green, which is of utmost importance in today’s world

A Day in Shalom Hills (2nd August’2015)

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In an effort to ease the anxiety of young aspiring parents and allay all the festering doubts they have regarding their children’s initial entry into the school, Shalom Hills School, under the thoughtful conceptualization and proactive guidance of its Founder-Managing Director, Dr Lilly George organized a session for the parents titled “A day in Shalom Hills“. The primary purposes behind the session were to allow the parents of new students in the Pre-Primary Wing ample opportunity to familiarize themselves with the school campus and to understand the well-crafted and mapped out academic and co curricular activities.

The teaching faculty took the young parents down the memory lane, wherein they revived their experiences of learning Languages, Math, Art -Craft, Dance & Music through fun sessions. Puppetry & Story telling too formed a part of their learning experiences. The tiny tots had a rollicking time when they were engaged in Rhyme Time, Colour blast, Origami by the enthusiastic teachers. Both parents and little children carried with them happy memories of the loving and fun time spent during “A Day in Shalom Hills.”

Hindi Open House held for the parents in the Senior Wing on 25th July’15

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“One more step along the world I go

Shalom Hills International School resembles a hustling bustling beehive of activities throughout an academic session. On 25th July’15, the Hindi Faculty provided a platform to its senior students of Grades VI-VIII to showcase their creative and language proficiencies in Hindi before their parents and other teachers. The celebrations com menced with the inauguration of the Open House by 1st visiting parents Mrs. Rekha Verma and Mr. Praveen Verma. With the blessings of the God Almighty, the guidance and support of the Management and the meticulous planning by the Hindi Department, the students of Grades VI to VIII became the cynosure of all eyes. The parents experienced some exciting, exuberating, entertaining and passionate moments as they watched their children perform in myriad activities organized by the Hindi faculty.

Dramatization is the best vehicle for developing social skills. The students of Grade VI, VII and VIII presented three street plays. The students of Grade VI presented a street play ‘Beti Bachao’. Through this play, they not only brought into focus the burning issue of the society and the need to save the Girl Child but also developed emotional intelligence, confidence and an understanding of the world around them.

Grade VII presented a street play on ‘Inflation‘ and Grade VIII acted out a street play on ‘Natural Disasters’. The teachers worked like skilled craftsman to mould and shape them into sensitive and sensible sculptures.Through ‘Hasya Kavita’ or humorous poems and self-composed poems, the students not only showed their oratorical skills but also afforded some light moments to the parents to cherish. The parents applauded the presentation skills of the students and their confidence. If Poetry Recitation was music to the ears, the Exhibition was a treat to the eyes. The parents and teachers alike praised the beautiful sketches and collages prepared by the students. The rich heritage of Hindi Literature and the famous characters associated with it were presented and exhibited effectively. The ‘Shlokagyan‘ or the Shloka Recital by the Sanskrit Department also left the parents craving for more. The students were proactive enough to answer the different questions pertaining to their works put up by the parents. Following performances and demonstrations were the show stealers during the day.

  •  Nukkar Natak
  •  Kavita Vachan
  •  Hasya Kavita
  •  Presentations in Sanskrit (Sholaka, Pradarshni, Geet etc.)
  •  Hindi Prathna with Music.
The Parents had great fun, enjoyed the performances. They were given a Feedback form which they filled with great pleasure. Their Valuable feedback would definitely help us to scale new heights.

Workshop on Values for Grade VIII conducted on 15th May 2015

  • SHIS Activity

Under the school’s Parental Participation and Engagement Programme, a workshop on ‘Importance of Values in our life’ was conducted by Ms Meenakshi Khushu, mother of Arjun Khushu of Class VII-B. It was more of an interactive session and motivational talk which started with Ms. Khushu explaining the importance of hand shake to the children. A firm grip of someone’s hand is a clear barometer of one’s positive attitude. Hailing from an army background, Ms Meenakshi shared that each parent and every school wants that their child/children should be equipped with the values & also practise self-discipline in order to have a balanced personality. Very soon, Ms. Khushu was able to reach out to the students seated in front of her and & developed a rapport with each child. She encouraged the students to talk out and express their feelings. She was quick to appreciate their efforts to speak up or sing.

Through a small presentation, she explained to the young students that Values are lifelong principles or standards of behaviour; they reflect one’s judgement of what is important in life. Our thought processes change as we grow but if good values like helping the poor, donating & charity are instilled in us from our childhood, they serve as guideposts in our lives. She also stressed upon the value of self-sufficiency and self-help. She helped the students to realize the reason why values are so important in every one’s life – Values exert a major influence on a person’s behaviour & attitude and serve as broad guidelines for all kinds of situations we face in life. Through examples, Ms Meenakshi explained the key values that humans should possess, namely:

  •  Right Conduct
  •  Peace
  •  Truth
  •  Respect
  •  Love
  •  Non-Violence
  •  Manners
  •  Health Awareness
  •  Creativity
  •  Friendship
  •  Kindness
  •  Consideration
  •  Positiveness
  •  Self-Acceptance
  •  Responsibility
  •  Cooperative
  •  Thankful

The session ended on an enthusiastic note especially when Ms Meenakshi requested the children to always smile and spread radiance in their own & others’ lives. She hugged a few students to show the power of love & handshake to the whole class before dispersing. Ms Bhupinder Kaur, the counsellor of senior wing thanked her for her inspiring thoughts & sharing them with the students of the school.

Orientation Programme for Parents of Grades IX-X students held in Shalom Hills International School on 5th May’15

  • SHIS Activity
  • SHIS Activity

Shalom Hills International School believes in and at the same time, strives for the holistic development of its students. It rightfully acknowledges the pivotal and collaborative role the parents and school play in accomplishing this. No avenue is left unexplored by the school, to keep the parents in the loop about the latest innovations in the school’s academic mechanism, changes in the CBSE guidelines, add-ons to CCE pattern as well as the current reforms in the education system. One such Orientation Programme was organized exclusively for the parents of Senior Grade students (Classes IX-X) to acquaint them with the evaluation pattern, FA diagnostic tools, PSA and OTBA that forms a key part of CCE that is, Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Approach.

The Orientation Programme commenced with the Lord’s Prayer and welcome address. Ms. Jyotin Prinja mentioned that CCE has always existed in the school since its inception. Under the vision and headship of the Founder-Managing Director, Dr. Lilly George, the school is always engaged in Continuous and Constant Endeavour to secure the complete engagement of all the stakeholders in the educational process. The school management seeks to bring the parents on the same page and hence such workshops, sessions and orientation programmes are organized periodically for the benefit of the parents. After stressing upon the objectives of CCE and how the holistic development of each and every shalom student is taken care of in the school under M.D ma’am’s leadership, involvement and mentoring, Ms. Meenu Chopra , the Head-Mistress of the Senior Wing presented a Power Point presentation.

Through a PPT, general information was given to the parents regarding the school timings, transport facility, walker routine, Almanac particulars, PTMs, Leave, Home-Work Schedule, Working Saturdays etc by Ms. Meenu Chopra. Thereafter the Head Mistress elucidated upon the CCE policy and its grading pattern. All aspects of the CCE policy namely the Scholastic and Co-Scholastic domains, Formative Assessment/Summative Assessment pattern, grading point, values, attitudes and physical education. Ms. Maya Vinod and Ms. Geetanjali Sethi then presented the paper pattern and marks weightage in Maths and English. Ms. Geetanjali also duly explained Problem Solving Assessment and Open Text Based Assessment that are a part of English Evaluation process particularly from grades IX and XI. The importance and marks allotment for ASL - Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills in Grades IX-XI was also expounded upon.

All the parents were given a feedback form which they filled and handed back to the teachers. The Orientation programme came to a close with the vote of thanks, a round of refreshments and the announcement that the other subject heads would give requisite information pertaining to their subjects under CCE in the coming PTMs.

Orientation Programme held for parents of students of Grades VI-VIII on 24th March’15

  • SHIS Activity
  • SHIS Activity

Shalom Hills truly believes that the school shares a common treasure with the parents – the child. It is constantly engaged in working collaboratively with all the stakeholders for achieving the holistic development, academic enhancement and empowerment of its students. In pursuance of academic excellence and in its endeavor of seeking the parental partnership in accomplishing the same, an Orientation Programme for parents of Grades VI-VIII was held in Shalom Hills International School on 24th March’15.
The Orientation session was presided over by Ms. Ritu Mehta, the school principal and conducted by Ms. Meenu Chopra, the Head-Mistress of Senior Wing. The programme started with a prayer thanking God Almighty for entrusting the students in the loving and caring fold of the school. In the welcome address, Ms. Chopra thanked the parents for reposing faith in the school and entrusting their children in the school’s care and custody. The headmistress shared that the school management seeks and looks forward to a close-knit equation and collaborative functioning with the parents. Through a Power Point Presentation, the parents were shown glimpses of how every brick and building block of the school has risen out of its Managing Director, Dr. Lilly George’s commitment to the cause of education and deep concern for the welfare and well-being of each Shalom child. Ms. Meenu Chopra shared how M.D ma’am recognizes the unique individuality of each student and seeks to cherish and develop it through the educational process imparted in the school.

In anticipation of usual parental queries, the parents were thoroughly acquainted with the routine of the first working day, the school timings, fee structure, books, and uniform and transport routes through the PPT. Furthermore, the Scholastic and Co-Scholastic areas under CCE were taken up for discussion by the H.M. To throw light on the working of the CCE especially for the benefit of the parents whose wards have entered Grade VI in the new academic session, Ms. Chopra elaborated upon the Grading scheme, Examination pattern ( 4 FAs and 2 SAs), marking scheme that CBSE has made mandatory under Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation for Grades VI-VIII. Ms. Meenu pithily summed up the key aspects of Formative and Summative Assessments, the tools of assessments and how the school uses both to ensure that children acquire both knowledge and skills.

Through the PPT, she further outlined the broad categories which constitute the Co-Scholastic Areas namely Values and Attitude, Life Skills, Sports, Health and Wellness and Work Education. Ms. Meenu further revealed how these areas have been woven and integrated into the curriculum and how they are implemented to build up the students’ skills and attitude in co-curricular areas. Ms. Chopra expounded upon the school’s dynasty system and the empowering Skills Clubs. She showcased the activities that are conducted in the dynasty meetings and Skills Clubs Meets throughout the year. The parents were extremely appreciative of the pro-activeness shown by the school in anticipating and thoughtfully pre-empting their worries, doubts and misapprehensions about CCE. They thanked the principal and head-mistress for the comprehensive overview of the school mechanism and the CBSE guidelines for implementing CCE in Grades VI-VIII. Parents like Mr. Lobo, the father of Larissa and Kenneth Lobo was eloquent in his praise of the measures and initiatives undertaken by the school.

The parents were also full of praise for the role played by the school counselor. They also were keen to understand the procedure of approaching the counselor – whether the students were to have direct access or the counselor on her own would be reaching out to the children.Ms. Ritu Mehta, the school principal emphasized the role that the parents play in Shalom Hills International School and the importance attached by the management to parental involvement, feedback and suggestions. Ms. Mehta reiterated the importance of effective and transparent communication between the school and the parents.There was a short and succinct presentation by School Cinema at the end of the Orientation session.

Parents of Class I students involved in 'Fun Morning' on 21st March'15

  • SHIS Activity

Shalom Hills International School came up with its most creative and glorious event Spring Fest 2015. An amusing and stimulating 'Fun Morning' was organized for Class I parents and students on 21th March 2015 in the school premises. It was a great platform for all the parents and teachers to know one another, further strengthen their bond and create fresh moments of togetherness. This event not only helped the parents to feel welcome and personally involved in the school but also served as an ideal opportunity to give the parents glimpses into the creative, differentiated and innovative learning practises that are amalgamated in the inventive educational processes that the school offers to meet the student's unique needs through experiential learning.

Many games like Musical Chairs, Beads Separation activity, Blowing and Bursting of balloons, Making Hairstyle with straws, Croquet, Mehndi and Tattoo art, Dance, Tambola, Candle Lighting etc were planned for all parents in which they participated with becoming enthusiasm. This not only helped them to gain more knowledge about child development, but also helped to fortify the special bond shared between parents and children. Parents also got to spend some quality time with their children which was abundantly clear as they could be seen relaxing, sauntering around the stalls and enjoying recreational activities along with their children One of the greatest attractions of the programme was Kite Flying organized specially for the fathers. Attendees competed as pairs as well as a family, pitting their kites against each other to see who could fly the highest. Tattoo and Mehndi making was also organized. Mothers could be seen waiting excitedly for their turn to get mehndi applied in their hands. The best part of the event was the Hairstyle competition organized for the talented mothers. The nimble-fingered mothers made 'drollworthy' hairstyles using the straws, beads and other accessories. Paper Dance was also organized for the couples which revived the spirit of love and romance among them.

Laughter, cheerful banter and high spirits rent the air and lent a special piquancy and charm to the revelries. Shalom Hills International School subscribed faithfully to the popular ditty, 'Spring is nature's' way of saying 'Let's Party' as it brought together the teachers, students and their parents. The day came to an end by a few words from -Middle Wing HM-who brought out the significance and importance of such 'fests' which give a healthy platform for the development of the creativity and skills of the students.

Orientation Workshop on Preparing Our Kids for Formal Education 7th March 2015

  • SHIS Activity

A Workshop with the parents of Montessori children was conducted by the school counsellor – Ms Bhupinder Kaur on the day of Orientation Programme which was held in the school auditorium under the guidance of the Principal, Ms Ritu Mehta. The Orientation Programme started with the welcome address and note by Ms Mehta to the parents in which she acknowledged the work done by Shalom Group of Schools under the mentorship of Managing Director- Dr Lilly George, who is instrumental in taking the school to fresh pinnacle of success and achievement every year. Ms Shobhana- Head of Nirvana Branch also apprised the parents about the curriculum and shared with them how each tiny tot is nurtured under the guidance of MD ma’am.

Thereafter Ms Bhupinder guided the parents about what they can do at home & how they can help their wards in exploring the new environment once they step into the world of formal education. It was apprised to them through small presentation that the parents who frequently talk to their kids learn approximately 300 words by age 2 as compared to the parents who rarely speak to them, spending time is much important than spending money on them. Children imitate very fast as they are good observers & parents should be cautious enough in using language & have a hold on their actions while interacting or talking to elders.

The parents were guided about parenting styles & handy tips which can help them in overcoming the fear in the kids & cope up with new environment. This is a transitional stage which the parents need to understand & accept that change is a developmental phenomenon. Sense of autonomy has to be raised before preparing your child for formal education.There lies an anxiety on both the ends- parents as well as toddlers when the later move from their comfort zone to the new environment. They were suggested that they should not under-estimate their child’s potential, expect more from them, let them solve simple problems on their own & reward their right behaviors. As a mature guardian & parent they should never label or judge their behavior but only act as a smart observer to help & support them at right time. The sense of achievement & self - worth they will only get when the tasks assigned to them will be acknowledged. The parents can also help them in building their comprehension skills right at the childhood by reading & listening to them. The child should be evaluated when they suspect a problem & never hesitate to take an expert help.

At the end they were told to happily enjoy their parenthood. Questionnaires on “How much they understand about their kids” were also distributed in which few handy tips were given to help them in grooming their child more effectively.

Parent Student Interactive Session conducted with Grade IV students on 29th January, 2015

  • SHIS Activity

An interactive parent - student session was conducted in all the sections of Class IV by Mrs. Seema Srinivasa, mother of Sahaana Srinivasa who is a student of Class IV E. Mrs. Seema provided valuable inputs to the children related to the concept of Money. It was made clear to the junior scholars that money is a wonderful invention of man. In the primitive-society human needs were simple and limited. In course of time ‘Barter system’ prevailed and commodity to commodity exchange came into existence. Money, profit and loss is a system of our society now.

Ms. Seema took up the topic money, profit and loss. She emphasized the different ways to spend money like making of budget, planning the things to buy so as to avoid impulse purchases, paying in full and in cash etc before going for shopping. It was a wonderful platform of interaction between parent and students and the children greatly benefited from it.

Parent Student Interactive Session carried out with Grade III students on 27th Nov’14

  • Taru Mahotsav
  • Taru Mahotsav
  • Taru Mahotsav

An interactive parent - student session was conducted in all the sections of Class III by Mrs. Nida Ahmar, mother of Waleed Ahmar a student of Class III F. Mrs. Ahmar conducted a quiz on the lesson “Living things” as well as “Natural and Man-Made things”. It was a fun filled and knowledgeable session as students eagerly and enthusiastically took part in the quiz. She also asked questions pertaining to the lesson “Flowers, fruits and seeds”. It was a stimulating sight and heartening experience to see the yong scholars of Grade III interact so well with a parent as a quiz master. It was equally a pleasure for the school to have Ms. Ahmar interact with the students and share valuable knowledge with them.

Guest lecture on ‘E-Judiciary has helped in making court proceedings more transparent’ held for Grades IX-XI on 1st Nov’14

  • Taru Mahotsav
  • Taru Mahotsav

Orientation Programme for Parents of M I – MIII and Grades I-VIII students held in Shalom Hills International School on 7th October’14

  • Taru Mahotsav
  • Taru Mahotsav
  • Taru Mahotsav

Shalom Hills International School believes in and at the same time, strives for the holistic development of its students. It rightfully acknowledges the pivotal and collaborative role the parents and school play in accomplishing this. No avenue is left unexplored by the school, to keep the parents in the loop about the latest innovations in the school’s academic mechanism, changes in the infrastructure as well as the current reforms in the education system. One such Orientation Programme was organized exclusively for the parents of new admissions to M I – MIII and Grades I upwards to acquaint them with the vision, mission of the school, Shalom ethos, goals, objectives and the system of CCE that is, Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Approach followed from Grades VI.

In the Orientation Programme, the school principal, Ms. Ritu Mehta explained the motto and vision of the school, shared how the school has taken birth from the dream of its Founder-Managing Director, Dr. Lilly George and the unique Shalom ethos that thrives and sustains under Ma’am’s headship. The school management considers each and every student to be a unique individual and not an admission number which reflects in the ethos, culture and functioning of the school. The parents were guided about the experiential and thematic curriculum that is followed in Pre-Primary and Primary Wings to ensure the wholesome and holistic development of each student. The value-based and Multiple Intelligences driven curriculum caters to building up the students’ proficiencies not only in the core subject and also in various creative domains.

Ms. Meenu Chopra, Head Mistress – Senior Wing, Ms. Rima Gaekwad, Head Mistress of Middle Wing and Ms. Rohini Mohan, Head Mistress of Pre-Primary wing were introduced to the parents. Ms. Rima and Ms. Rohini elucidated upon the various activities that are conducted throughout the session in order to make the teaching-learning process natural, experiential and enjoyable for the little ones. Details were shared about Shalom Vidhi and other special facilities and add-ons were revealed to the parents like the student’s portal, PTA, regular updates through sms alerts, Almanac and its importance of parental-school inter-face and the annual planner.

The Orientation also served as a platform to share all the inventive initiatives conceptualized by the management in all the main areas of school functioning for the current and the next session.

Taru Mahotsav - Plantation Drive carried out in association with the Forestry Department on 15th July

  • Taru Mahotsav
  • Taru Mahotsav

Shalom Hills International School, NGO UTHAAN, Forestry Department and HUDA have joined hands for ‘Taru Mahotsava’ in order to execute the Plantation Drive at school and community level. As part of the project, around 100 plants were procured from the Forestry Department. On the preceding days, arrangements were made by the Shalom Hills International School including pits which were dug up in the stretch outside the school premises, at the nearby cross roads and inside the school.

The parents being important stake holders were invited to be a part of the plantation drive. ‘Joining hands and working together’ was best exemplified this day as the parents enthusiastically took part in the programme, planting the saplings and watering them. The school Principal Ms. Ritu Mehta took the parents on a round of the school and joined them in planting saplings. During the interaction session with the parents, Ms. Ritu Mehta explained to them the importance of such activities and urged them to continue being a part of such drives. She also showed the ‘Sculpture Rock Garden’ made by the students to the appreciative parents, who were all praise for the fine pieces of art prepared by the senior graders in their Work Education Classes.

Ms. Jalpa Shah took the parents to the area where vermipits have been dug by the students and, then showed the manure which has been produced from the waste. The parents saw the Drip Irrigation Project taken up by Class VI student. Such was the interest and delight shown by the parents that they were excitedly enquiring about the future projects and next round of activities in which they can be involved.

The parents were touched when it was revealed that the school in conjunction with the special schools for deaf and dumb children will be shortly conducting certain ‘Community Service’ activities in which active parental involvement will be sought.

'Khel Hai to Mel Hai' - Sports event organized for the students of Grade IX and their parents on 15th March'14

At Shalom Hills International School, parents are considered to be equal partners in the educational process and pillars of strength of the school. Throughout the year, the school through its system of PTMs, Open-House, parental interface, planned events for moms and dads, Grandparents Day Celebrations and other annual observances, makes a constant endeavour to involve and engage the parents in the school process and functioning.

Premised on the school's steadfast belief that 'Khel hai to Mel hai' i.e. sports turns out to be the most enervating way to bring the school faculty and parents together, a Sports event was organized for the parents and students of Grade IX.

A warm sun, tastefully decorated grounds and smiling faces greeted the parents and students of Grade IX as they reached the school grounds on 15th March'14. The moms and dads, with their natty sports gear and shoes coupled with high-octane energy levels seemed all geared up to make the day and event sportive and memorable. Besides games, arrangements were made to serve snacks and drinks to the parents.

Smiling dads and moms posed for pictures as they received medals, certificates and appreciation for their participation and contribution in make the event thoroughly enjoyable for their kids and themselves.

Spring Fest organized for the students of Grade V and their students on 14th March'14

Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's Party!' A fun filled Spring Festival was organized for Grade 5 students and their parents to usher in the spring mood and season as well as to celebrate the culmination of yet another successful session. The event doubled up as a 'send-off' for the Grade V graders as they move up another step in their academic expedition and move to the Senior Wing.

Different kinds of activities were organized to entertain the guests for the day. From Tattoo making to Mehndi designing; no mother and daughter missed the chance to get their hands painted and tattoos designed on their hands and arms. There was an interesting round of Musical chairs for the moms. With kites flying high in the air, the fathers also got the chance to try their hands at it and remember their good old school days. Furthermore, the students got to play different games like balloon bursting, hair styling and hoop hula. Even the parents enthusiastically participated in these activities and won prizes. They were also given certificates to applaud their competitive and sportive spirit. Much to everyone's delight, a Tambola game was played which drew the youngsters and their parents in large numbers. From parents to children, all showed high curiosity levels and won cash prizes on winning first to third lines and the whole housie.

With the sound of charter busters and lively music floating in the air, the young students were seen merrily shaking a leg and boogieing-woogeing with their teachers. The atmosphere in the school ground was replete with laughter, excited chatter, loud cheering and bonhomie. Along with the festivities, refreshments ranging from mouth watering samosas to hot tea and coffee were also served. Although the fest had come to an end, its magic lingered on. It was like saying, 'Spring spring come again and again every year...!'

Report- Spring Fest

A fun filled activity day 'Spring Fest' was organized for the parents of Class I and II students on 12th March 2014 in the school premises. The Spring Fest engaged the parents in a manner which they made them feel welcome and involved.

The Shalom Family had prepared a day of relaxed fun and frolic for all. The idea was to unleash a joyful and meaningful experience for the parents and the second parents of the children - the teachers.

Our school used creative, interesting and innovative activities that provided each parent with a fair picture of how all activities in our school are designed to meet the student's unique needs through the experiential learning programme, which is our school's special strength. Many innovative games like blowing and bursting of balloons, hairstyling with straws, Target - Hoopla Hoop along with Mehndi and Tattoo art, Dance, Tambola, etc were planned for the parents in which they participated with full enthusiasm.

This platform served multiple purposes - it provided the parents with hands on insight into the school's learning-teaching processes, and also helped to strengthen the special bond shared between parents and children. Parents got to spend some quality time with their children as they were free from their busy schedules and could be enjoying recreational activities along with them.

One of the greatest attractions of the programme was Kite Flying organized specially for all the fathers. The guests were firstly paired up and then as family. It was a very exciting event, the parents were as revved up and high-spirited as their kids as they pitted their kites against one another.

Tattoo and Mehndi making was also organized. Mothers could be seen waiting excitedly for their turn to get mehndi applied in their hands.

The best part of the event was the Hairstyle Competition organized for the talented mothers. They made gorgeous hairstyles using straws. The most innovative hairstyle was awarded a prize.

Paper Dance was also organized for all the couples which revived the spirit of love and romance among them.

There was an atmosphere of fun and laughter all around. And as the saying goes 'Spring is nature's way of saying 'Let's Party' so was the event which can summed up as a joyous experience for the parents, children and the school.

Report- Spring Fest
Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party!'

Springtime is never about sitting at home. It's all about taking in the smells of the earth and frolicking on the lap of nature. With the idea of unleashing a joyful and meaningful experience for the parents of Grade III and IV students, and the second parents of the children - the teachers, a fun filled 'Spring Fest' was organized on 13th March 2014, in the school premises.

During the Spring Fest, the parents were encouraged to participate in a plethora of cultural activities including Newspaper Dance, Musical chairs, Tattoo Making, Hairstyling with straws, Mehndi Art, Tambola, Kite flying, Relay Race and Arm Wrestling.

Through these creative, interesting and innovative activities each parent got a fair picture of how all activities in our school are designed to meet the student's unique needs through the experiential learning programme, which is our school's special strength. The day's festivities and revelries gave an ample opportunity to the parents to mingle with the teachers and spend quality time with their children, doing what everyone enjoys the most - having a blast.

There was an atmosphere of fun and laughter all around. The event can be summed up as a joyous experience for the parents, children and the school.

Workshop on Online Safety conducted for parents on 15th Feb'14

An informative Workshop on Online Safety was conducted by Ms. Deepika Dalal, H.O.D - Computers for the parents of the students of Grades VI-XII. The workshop was premised on the growing concern among parents and educationists over the students' growing addiction with social networking sites and the rising cases of Cyber bullying. Ms. Deepika gave a quick rundown of what constitutes Cyberbullying and how students can unwittingly become a hapless victim of it. She shared with the parents' comprehensive ways on how to protect children from Cyberbullying. She offered valuable suggestions regarding measures that parents can adopt to ensure secure internet usage at home. Making parents aware about COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act 1998), the protective measures, online safeguards and resources that can ensure happy and safe surfing time for ourselves were all highlighted.


An Orientation Programme was organised by the school's Admission Committee for the parents of Grade X students to impart detailed information about CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) pattern, procedure and process. The session started with the introduction of Scholastic and Co-Scholastic domains. The Assessment criteria for Class X was discussed with the parents in great detail so as to provide an insight into the cumulative result that has to be assessed formally and informally by the teachers throughout the year. The importance of Problem Solving Assessment Examination (recently introduced by CBSE) and CGPA was also discussed. The orientation was successful in its objective as the parents became aware of the different tools used in the assessment procedure and also learnt about the key areas in the two domains in which a child's continuous and comprehensive evaluation is carried out.

Workshop organized for parents and students on 27th July'13

A workshop was organized by the Science Department for the parents and students who are all set to be an integral part of the Green School Sustainability Programme being launched in August in the school.

The objective was to foster understanding of what the programme would entail. The session took off with activity games which emphasized what is Sustainability. The gathering was made clear that the Green School Sustainability Program is based on a well-defined curriculum which will elevate our organization into a fully 'Sustainable School'. Through it, the school children will be sensitized about the ill effects of human actions and mindless development on our environment and how sustainable advancement is the only way to redress the damage being done to the earth.

An Orientation Programme for parents of new admissions on 9th March'13

Shalom Hills truly believes that the school shares a common treasure with the parents - the child. In pursuance of its commitment to excellence in education and seeking the partnership as well as collaborative participation of parents in accomplishing the same, an Orientation Programme for parents of new admissions was held in Shalom Hills International School on 9th March‟13. Special batches start well in advance for the new students in order to give them exclusive "settling down" time which is an exclusive feature of Shalom Hills. In the welcome address, the parents were explained how every brick and building block of the school has risen out of its Managing Director, Dr. Lilly George's commitment to the cause of education and deep concern for the welfare and well-being of each Shalom child. A soulful song dedicated to the Super Mom - another loving soubriquet by which the school's dearly beloved Managing Director is addressed gave a poetic snapshot of her full involvement in the school functioning as well as with the kindergartners and her vision to make learning in the school a 'joyful, natural and enriching journey into the realm of knowledge'.

The gathering broke into loud clapping when Ms. Jyotin Prinja, Head of Linguistics shared how Shalom Hills has been adjudged the Best Progressive School in Delhi NCR among all leading educational imparters and innovators of university level, colleges, training academies, polytechnic centers etc.

Deep seated concern for the well-being and safety for the tiny tots under lay all the instructions which were shared with the parents. In order to allay all parental doubts and in anticipation of usual parental queries, the parents were thoroughly acquainted with the routine of the first working day, the school timings, fee structure, books, and uniform and transport routes through a PPT. Help manuals with handouts and business cards of uniform/books vendors were distributed to the parents of new admissions in order to apprise them about batch timings and joining instructions. The school had made arrangements for sale of books in the school premises for the convenience of parents. Ms. Shobhana Venkatesh, Head Mistress of Nirvana branch offered an overview of all the activities that have been planned for the current academic year.

The parents were all praise for the informal interactive session which served as an effective platform for them to meet their children's teachers and it also offered them insight into activities and the mechanism of school functioning which form the backbone of the school.

Parental inter-face held in Shalom Hills International School held on 11th July�13

First of its kind parental inter-face' was organized in Shalom Hills International School on 11th July'13. The parents of our students have made a name for themselves in all walks of life; some are renowned doctors, some have carved a niche for themselves in the IT or media sector while some are reputed technocrats and business honchos. Realizing that such in-house treasure trove of expertise and expertise would really serve to inspire and enlighten our students; Shalom Hills decided to invite two parents from two different fields to share their experiences with the children. Ms. Tanuja and Ms. Bhawana Gupta were invited to share their insights and work experiences with students of Grades VI-VIII in the first parental inter-face.

Ms. Tanuja, the country head for Network 18 held the youngsters spell-bound as she spoke about 'Media and its effects.' In an extremely interactive session that ensued with students naming their favourite news channels, reports and news shows, Ms. Tanuja disclosed some interesting experiences with celebrity journalists like Prannay Roy, Barkha Dutt and so on. She encouraged the students to hone their writing and speaking skills since they are of prime importance for a career in media.

The enriching session continued with Ms. Bhawna Gupta addressing the students next. She exhorted the children to consider the defence forces as an excellent career option by cataloguing the benefits of being an army officer. She made a special mention of how women are joining the army and the unparalleled pride of serving one's nation.

The students learnt informative details about media and army from the visiting parents and asked them a host of pertinent questions. It was an enlivening session and an enriching experience both for the guest parents and the school children.


"Parents need to give their children their presence, and not presents."

Today's "revved-up" culture is propelling all of us along at breakneck speed.

Not only parents but our children are moving 90-miles-an-hour at all times. It is being observed that despite best intentions, modern day parents have little time for their children. The pathos and pitfalls of modern day parenting were beautifully portrayed through a gripping skit, 'Can parenting be outsourced?' which was presented before the parents in the Middle Auditorium on 8th September'12.

After the powerful skit, Ms. Madhuri Parti, the Strategic Head-Shalom Group of Schools gave the parents a quick overview of how the entire curriculum in the school is being designed and implemented keeping in mind the learning styles of each student. In order to bring the teachers and parents on the same page in bringing up the children and acting in unison to further their progress, she explained the different learning styles - visual, auditory, kinesthetic and logical to them. With practical tips and cues, the parents gained insight into how they too can identify the learning style of their child and create 'a learning mode' at home which would be in tune with the natural inclination of the child. An extremely engaging game of 'Tambola' played with a twist enlivened the session and witnessed the parents present in the hall playing it with full involvement and keen enthusiasm. A beautiful poem read aloud by Ms. Parti brought out in full force and measure the importance of spending precious time with the children, joining in their small pleasures and enjoying parenthood and their childhood together.

Special assembly put up by Grade V becomes a unique experience for the parents

Clouds scudding across a heavily overcast sky, a gentle breeze wafting across, bright chatter and brighter spirits of Shalom students lighting up the steadily darkening day

- a divine day and a perfect setting for the special assembly put up by Grade V students of Shalom Hills International School for their parents on 20th July'13. The assembly veered from being special to being unique as the entire show, stage props and compering was created, performed, organized and then beautifully presented by the school students entirely.

The artistic arrangements and perfectly replicated sketch of Mahatma Gandhi put up on the stage by the school's Fine Arts students attracted all eye-balls and gave a cue to the theme-based assembly about to begin. Through powerful and highly emotive exchanges and dialogues between the senior grade comperes, a powerful message was spread among the parents that the sensitive yet aware students of Shalom subscribe and abide by the famous Gandhian saying 'Be the change' and of 'Human empowerment'. The young students of Grade V showcased Bapu's journey through the freedom struggle years ending with his iconic Dandi March and Quit India Movement in a dance sequel, 'Bande Main Tha Dum'.

Yet another gripping performance by the students showcasing both the victimization of women especially girl child and the coming of age of women in today's society brought lumps in the throats and left the entire gathering moist-eyed. Dancing perfectly to the poignant lyrics of 'Tu Hi Tu', the nimble-footed dancers paid a tribute to their mothers and women in general. Through evocative steps and graceful movements, the dancers showcased women as being the Saviour, the life-giver, various forms of goddess.

The school band gave a truly riveting debut performance. A PPT on the recent school awards and achievements highlighted the laurels won by the students and school at national and international level, thus sending out a loud and clear message to those present that the Shalomites are set to become international players and leave global footprints in the coming years.

The parents were seen wondering and marvelling alike at the maturity of the theme 'Empowerment' and the sensitivity with which the youthful performers rendered more than justice to it through their speeches, compering, dances and choir songs.

Shalom Hills International School celebrates Grandparents' Day

Shalom Hills International School celebrated Grandparents Day on 5th October 2013 and paid a befitting salute to the greatest treasure of a family - the grandparents through a cultural extravaganza put up by the students and teachers that day. Through evocative dance sequels, emotive poems and loving messages dedicated to the grandmoms and grandpas, the school paid a debt of gratitude to these staunch pillars of our society and nation. An atmosphere drenched in emotions engulfed the gathering when the young artists of Grade V captured the pain and trauma of partition that had tainted the euphoria of India's Independence in 1947 through a soul-stirring dance drama titled'History comes alive'. A spoof on today's politicians put up by the Shalom teachers had all doubled up with laughter and it was followed by the riotous satire'Rupee vs Dollar' which humorously conveyed the fluctuating fortunes of the rupee in the face of the rising inflation. It was a day laden with fun quotient as well as the grandparents were engaged in one lively game after another. The zestful grandpas and grandmoms vied with one another to tie a necktie at lightning speed, balance balloons while dancing etc. Through their performance on a medley of songs which were the rage in the 70's and 80's, the teachers took the grandparents down the memory lane as they joined the teachers and danced to the tunes of chartbuster songs.

Maths Open House held on 16th January’16

  • Open House for parents

Maths Open House sought to demonstrate the practical application of Mathematics in our day to day lives. The students of Classes VI-VIII showcased mathematical fantasies like Maths puzzles, Probability games, logical mind teasers, Tangrams etc before their parents.

Parents also got an opportunity to view various charts and models based on various Mathematical concepts. Under the guidance of the Maths department, the students had prepared activities like number dance, plays on the theme of commercial maths and geometry.Young students also enacted the roles of Srinivas Ramanujan and his wife and explained their contribution to the field of Mathematics.

Additionally, the students donned the self-made characters of ADDU SINGH, SABBU SINGH and GEO LAL and asked questions to the parents to brush up their childhood memories and helping them to recall mathematical concepts. Parents also took part in games like SUDOKO and NUMBOLA.

Last but not the least, students got a chance to show cast their talent by presenting beautiful jewellery pieces made in mathematical shapes and selling them to the parents. All the parents appreciated the performance of their kids and the efforts put in by the department and the school management.

Science Open House held in Senior Wing on 31st October 2015

  • SHIS Activity
  • SHIS Activity
  • SHIS Activity

Science Open House was held in the Senior Wing for the students and parents of Grades VI-VIII. Various exhibits prepared by the students were arranged acceding to the themes - Environment, Physics Principles, Human System, Brain ‘o’ Brain and Chemistry is fun. The students gave a succinct and clear rundown of the working models, live experiments and Science projects put up for display before the visiting parents.

Projects and exhibits on Waste Management, Solar Power Utilisation, Terracotta Room Heater, Food Adulteration, Fudo- Japanese art, Liquid detergents were the highlights of the day. The students of Grades VIII presented a play on E-waste to sensitize their parents about the need and importance of E-Waste Disposal and Management. Class VII students presented a ‘chemical’ song backed by proper choreography. The Science Faculty had organized two seminars for the parents, the first one was to spread awareness about Lung Cancer and the resource person was Dr. Maitreyi Rajala, School of Biotechnology, JNU. The second workshop was on Brain and Memory by Ms. Anintitha and Ms. Sarah Khan, National Brain Research Center, Manaser.

An Open House for parents of grades VI-X parents and PTM for Grades XI-XII students held on 26th July 2014

  • Open House for parents

The parents hurrying inside the school building on 26th July 2014 to meet the teachers for the Open House and PTM suddenly stopped in their tracks. What caught their attention and knocked out their eyeballs was the creative display of the students artistically displayed near the entrance and the staircase leading to the classrooms. The beautiful holiday homework done by the students, the artistic work done by them in their regular classes and Art classes as well as the finely sculpted pieces shaped in the Sculpture classes were pure eye candy for the onlookers. After appreciating the fine work prepared by the nimble fingers of their children, the parents proceeded to the classrooms.

An Open House and PTM was arranged in the Senior Wing for the parents of the students of senior grades. The parents had an opportunity to have a one-to-one connect and interaction with their child’s teachers and discuss the academic performance of those children who are facing some learning difficulties or are academically below par. The teachers used this platform to apprise the parents about the upcoming events and the parental activities to take place in the approaching months. Students having discipline issues or behavioral concerns were counseled in the presence of their parents. Punctuality, academics and discipline formed the key agenda points of the Open House. The teachers made it a point to discuss Scholastic and Co Scholastic areas and grades.

First meeting of PTA held in the school on 19th July’14

Shalom Parents Teachers Association (PTA) held its first meeting under aegis of the principal, Ms. Ritu Mehta and in the presence of the Head Mistress of Senior Wing, Ms. Meenu Chopra, Head Mistress of Grades I-V, Ms. Rima Gaekwad, and the team members of Strategic Resource Development – Ms. Jalpa Shah, Ms. Maya Vinod, Ms. Deepika Dalal, Ms. Swastika Acharya and Jyotin Prinja. PTA in Shalom Hills International School has been formed with several laudable objectives:

  • To provide a platform for the parents and faculty to develop closer ties among themselves and to foster a healthy atmosphere of understanding school procedures, policies and curriculum.
  • To provide a platform to the parents to meet and exchange ideas, make recommendations and to develop opportunities for the harmonious development of our students.
  • Help the school in organizing and participating in community outreach projects and events.
At the very outset of the meeting, Ms. Ritu Mehta gave out the objectives and guidelines as prescribed by C.B.S.E for having PTA forums in the schools. Then she informed the parents about the incorporation of new systems in the school this session i.e. KOOH Sports, Extra Marks and renewal of tie up with Paras Hospital. The principal discussed all the measures and innovations introduced to bring up the academic performance of all the students. The principal informed the parents how the school, in pursuance of its policy of transparency with the parents, has shared and updated the Grade X & XII result through sms alert and also through a link on the website. She urged the parents to join hands with the school in creating children with edupreneurial and entrepreneurial skills. With a special mention of the senior graders who have been acclaimed for their Outstanding Achievement in the World Scholar Cup – Global Round conducted in Singapore in June’14, Ms. Mehta sought the cooperation of parents in encouraging their children to participate, compete and excel in national and international events. She thereafter shared information about the school awards and achievements, and the new Skill Clubs introduced in this session.

Ms. Mehta requested the parents present to share their ideas regarding hosting an industrial exhibition in which the children can showcase, promote and even sell the products/art and craft handiwork/sculpture pieces/ paintings etc.

Mr Arun and Mrs. Tuhina Ray, parents of Aarshi Ray of Grade IX praised the school for its well-mapped and actively functional extra-co-curricular activities/programme. They raised a concern that the school should concentrate more on academics, especially in the senior grades. They appreciated the hard work of some senior teachers and expressed the desire that the school should hire more and more teachers with thorough domain knowledge and those who are subject experts.

Ms. Reena Arora, the mother of Adit Arora of Grade XI articulated her satisfaction with the school in every area and was in consensus with the principal that the school’s Gen-Next should be equipped with life skills and hands on knowledge which will give them ‘the cutting edge’ in today’s globally knit world. She shared Adit’s journey through the years in the school, how he has been personally mentored and empowered by the management and teachers, thus has now emerged into a confident school leader. She was congratulated on Adit’s brilliant achievement in the Preliminary and Global Round of World Scholar Cup.

Mr. Ketan Patel, parent of Vatsal Patel of Grade IX vouchsafed his concern about the academic performance in the senior graders. While agreeing fully that the Shalom students are notching up more and more successes and glories in many co-curricular domains, he voiced the general parental opinion that their top-most priority is academic result and performance. Mr. Ketan was desirous that the school should also revamp its academic mechanisms to deliver competitive results in the coming years.

Mr. Safi Hashmy, the parent of Abdus Samad Hashmy of Grade XI was felicitated by the teachers and other parents for Abdus’ 10 CGPA result in Grade X and his sterling performance in World Scholar Cup – Global Round. He revealed the reasons why Abdus wished to enrol in Science stream in Grade XI and how Abdus preferred continuing in Shalom, instead of D.P.D, R.K Puram.

Mr and Mrs. Moneesh Dev, parent of Rigg Dev of Grade VII were effusive in their praise of the rigorous way in the Skills Club Programme is being executed in the school in the current session. With pride, Ms. Dev shared how her son has changed from a diffident speaker into an expressive one by taking part in the Debate Club and other oratory events. However, the parents also looked forward to more and more weightage being attached to English by competent teachers and acquisition of Oral Language Skills.

The principal, Ms. Mehta also told the parents that the school’s Monthly Academic Report would be shared with the parent-members of PTA and it would give them an overview of all student enrichment programme, teacher care workshops, curricular and co-curricular activities.

The first meeting concluded with the vote of thanks and a round of refreshments for the parents.

OPEN HOUSE- CLASS I & II DATE: 26th April'14

An Open House was organized for the parents of the students of Classes I & II. The parents took prior appointment from the respective class teachers. A healthy and informative discussion took between the teacher and the parent. The parents were apprised about the approaching FA 1 which will be a non pen paper evaluation.

Over all the session between the parents and teachers was productive and mutually beneficial.