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My Favourite- Music time

Children enjoying their weekly music class

Number game (MIII)

Children enjoyed playing this number game which not only helped them in sequencing numbers but also made them understand the missing numbers/ after numbers concepts.

Onam celebration 04.09.17

Onam is a beautiful festival of Kerala. It falls in the Malayalam calendar month of Chingam. It is the time for pookalam on floor.

Our little Shalomites celebrated festival of onam and enjoyed the story behind the celebration.

Teacher’s day card making (MIII, 04/09/17)

The Teacher’s day card making activity was a good way to make the little ones understand about the importance of their teachers.

Class Presentation- MIII

A class presentation was organized to show case what has been taught from April. Parents were invited and children spoke on topics such as exploring me, family, community helpers, UK and our country- India.

Parents applauded the confidence of children and appreciated the efforts of teachers.


Skating is a sport which everyone looks forward to. Children of MIII enjoy this physical activity immensely which is not only fun but also aims at improving flexibility and co-ordination.

Carry home activity- Bunny ear ( MIII, 15/09/17)

Children enjoyed making bunny ear as a carry home activity which was not only fun but was also a great way to learn about the animal- Rabbit.

Community helpers Activities (MIII)

In EVS, children of MIII are learning about their community.

To know their community in a better way, they did various activities and children enjoyed them thoroughly.

Little Chef (MI, MII, MIII) 22.07.16

Our little chefs prepared Crunchy crackers as a part of the fun activity- Cooking without fire. The children not only enjoyed participating in the activity but also helped in clearing and tidying up after the activity was over.

Eid-ul-fitr (MI, MII, MIII ) 05.07.16

On the joyous occasion of Eid-ul-fitr, students of pre- primary came together to celebrate the festival with their friends and teachers. They were made aware of the festival of Eid.

Students enjoyed creating moon and stars. They could identify the crescent shape of the moon.

It was nice to see them all in beautiful and colourful attire and wishing each other Eid Mubarak.

Mother’s Day (MI, MII, MIII ) 06.05.16

Our little Shalomites celebrated Mother’s Day with great enthusiasm. The children were told about the importance of a Mother in their lives and how mother always make us feel special by giving love, care and attention.

They had prepared beautiful portfolio activities and wonderful craft for their moms. They sang Mother’s day song and also spoke few lines on their mothers.

Lemonade Class Party (MI, MII, MIII )13.05.16

Summers are always fun when cooled up with cool lemonade. 

The month of May ended with a Lemonade class party. Children dressed up in party wear enjoyed  music, dance & favourite party snacks which they loved sharing with their friends

With the help of teacher they had prepared yummy lemonade and relished with their friends. The children not only enjoyed participating in the activity but also helped in clearing and tidying up after the activity was over.

Labor Day (MI, MII, MIII ) 02.05.16

Labour Day is celebrated on 1st May each year. It pays tribute to the contributions of all the workers.

The tiny tots of MI, MII and MIII celebrated Labor Day on 02nd May . They thanked Guards didis/ housekeeping staff and promised to keep their surroundings clean in every possible way. A sweet gesture of sharing sweets  made our helpers overjoyed .

The children had prepared portfolio activity and sketch book activities also.

Phonic Workshop MIII (27.04.16- 29.04.16)

Phonic Workshop was organized for parents of MIII B, C & D.

Origami Activity ( MIII ) 21.04.16

Origami helps develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and mental concentration. Use of the hands directly stimulates areas of the brain. The children had fun while making origami joker.

Earth Day (MI, MII, MIII ) 22.04.16

Earth - A beautiful blue planet in our humongous solar system, our home, the only planet that sustains life. It is very important for us to teach our kids about our mother earth.

Children of MI, MII and MIII were taught and informed about our planet earth, like how it looks and how we can save our planet.

The kids made cutouts of our beautiful planet and paid their tribute to their loving mother earth.

Phonic Workshop MIII (25.04.16)

Phonics is a reading method wherein kids first learn the sounds of alphabets  and then begin to put those sounds together into words and then sentences. The idea behind learning phonics is that children learn to read by developing an understanding of how these sounds are associated with individual letters, groups of letters, and finally full words. Learning to read with phonics can be extremely effective, especially if children learn to read at an early age.

Phonic Workshop was organized for parents of MIII A. They not only enjoyed participating in the activity but also learnt teaching methodology. They also clarified all doubts after the workshop was over.

Baisakhi Celabration (MI, MII, MIII ) 13.04.16

Baisakhi Festival falls on April 13th or April 14th and marks the beginning of the solar year. People of North India, particularly Punjab thank God for good harvest. Baisakhi has special significance for Sikhs as on this day in 1699, their tenth Guru Gobind Singh Ji organized the order of the Khalsa.

Our tiny tots of MI, MII and MIII came dressed up in traditional wear and enjoyed the Festival of Baisakhi.

Coloring & Playing with plasticine excites us

Coloring & Playing with plasticine excites us

Our New session commenced with a warm welcome to our Pre Nursery & Nursery Children.

Our New session commenced with a warm welcome to our Pre Nursery & Nursery Children.

Holi Celebration MI, MII, MIII- 22. 03.16

Holi is the famous festival of colours. Children of MI, MII & MIII celebrated Holi with great joy and enthusiasm. Natural colours were spread out by the children over each other. They enjoyed doing activities related to colours.

Orientation Programme held for parents of new admissions to Pre-Primary classes on 12 March&2016

The new session 2016-17 kick started with an Orientation Programme held for the parents of the new admissions to the Pre-Primary Wing.The session started with a welcome note and an introduction of the school’s Founder- Managing Director, Dr. (Mrs.) Lily George, her vision and mission for the school. by Ms. Shobhana Venkatesh, Head-Mistress of the Pre-Primary Wing. The day’s proceedings commenced with invocation of the Lord’s blessings. The tiny tots of Kindergarten presented a prayer dance & a song “ Welcome to the family”, dedicated especially to their parents.

The Head-Mistress briefed the parents about every aspect of the school functioning, almanac details, academic themes & planners, fee payment details, safety & security arrangements inside & outside class rooms, transport etc. The IT Incharge explained about the RFID, Transport d GPS tracking app. All parents were then taken on a guided tour of the Wing and escorted by the Pre-Primary teachers to the classrooms. The class lists were prominently displayed for their reference. Parents met the new teachers in the classes. They were handed over joining instructions, I cards, uniform vendor details.