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Sharing Environmental Responsibilty November 14, 2018

Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.
Inspired and guided by our socially aware Founder and Chairperson, Dr. (Mrs.) Lilly George, the students of grades XI and XII participated in a rally to voice their concern regarding the conservation of the Aravalli Biodiversity Park.
Equipped with placards declaring their resolutions the students joined their 3500 peers from many reputed schools from Gurugram to vocalise their views through slogans against the plan of constructing a stretch of a six-lane bypass passing through the Biodiversity Park. The students clearly declared that a healthy and thriving environment cannot be comprised in the name of development. The Bio-diversity Park is the lungs of the city and should not be sacrificed at any cost.
The students also submitted signed petitions to convey their environmental concerns to the government.
Their alarm at the rising pollution levels and apathy of the concerned authorities was also conveyed when they were interviewed regarding their views on the issue. It is hoped that the efforts taken by the students reach the ears of the authorities and bear fruit.

Grade V Visit to Science Park 11th - 15th October 2018

"Educating the mind without educating the hearts is no education at all" Aristotle
To kindle the fire of discovery and let our young scientists turn ideas into reality and imagination into facts, a visit to the Science Park was organised for the students of Grade V from 10th to 15th October 2018.
The visit included a plethora of exciting activities ranging from, drawing of different types of simple machines, experimenting with different types of forces and the concept of fulcrum which is the pivot point on which the lever rests and pivots. The visit developed a spirit of curiosity and discovery in the children and enabled them to understand stimulating features about fulcrums.
For a student, SCIENCE is a Systematic approach to Connect and Investigate through Exploring Natural phenomena, draw conclusions and evaluate the findings in a fun learning way. Hence, the activities helped the students get a better understanding of the concept of the simple machines taught by adopting the ‘Learning by doing’ approach.

Grade I – V: Vanmahotsav Week 23th July to 27th July 2018

  • SHIS Activity

“The planet is, was, and always will be stronger than us. We can’t destroy it; if we overstep the mark, the planet will simply erase us from its surface and carry on existing. Why don’t they start talking about not letting the planet destroy us?” – Paulo Coelho
We at SHIS, celebrated Vanmohatsav Week, with great fervor under the aegis of our Founder and Chairperson, Dr. (Mrs.) Lilly George, to promote and create awareness among students regarding preserving the bio diversity, reducing pollution and promoting alternative sources of energy.
Shalomites totally believe in sustainable habits and try to do their bit towards securing the Environment for the future. As an educational institution we feel that it is our responsibility to sensitize these young minds towards our Mother Nature and its importance. And what better way to uphold the school motto, ‘PEACE ’,’PROSPERITY’ and ‘LOVE’, than by planting saplings in the school premises. The students participated with immense zeal and designed beautiful Magazine Covers. As part of the school’s Community Outreach Programme, Grade V students went to Vyapar Kendra, Gurgaon, with the purpose of sensitizing fellow citizens about their responsibilities towards environment and society. They urged the people to join the initiative and asked their opinion on how they can contribute towards a sustainable city. Shalomites were given an opportunity to showcase and express their myriad talents through series of green activities conducted during the week.
The objective of conducting Vanmohatsav Week was to reinforce and bring alive the Spirit of respecting the environment.

Plantation Drive August 1, 2018

  • SHIS Activity

With the intent of instilling respect and a sense of responsibility towards the environment, Shalom Hills International School celebrated Vanmahotsav. The students of classes VI-VIII participated in the drive to plant saplings.
The students gathered near the entrance of the school to plant the saplings they had brought to the school. Each student was given three saplings to plant, which they took to the Green belt area in front of the school. With the help of Science teachers, they planted the saplings and took an oath to take care of the plants every day.
The students displayed great enthusiasm in helping a hand to preserve and rejuvenate the environment.

Grade v Slogan Writing Activity : Van Mahotsav 25th July 2018

  • SHIS Activity

"Save the Trees, Save the Earth, We are the guardians of our Nature’s birth..."
In an earnest attempt to lend a green touch to the school environment and sensitize the students about their role in conserving it, a Hindi Slogan Writing Activity was conducted in Grade V on 25th July, 2018, to celebrate the festival of Trees -‘’VAN MAHOTSAV’’.
The celebration was an ideal opportunity to instil the value of social responsibility in the students towards safeguarding trees and forests. The focus of the celebration was towards forming a personal connect between the students and trees through a process of experience, reflection and creation. All the students wrote slogans on the given topic and were well appreciated for their work.
Each slogan had an eco-friendly message like ‘use paper bags’, ‘save earth’, ‘save water’, ‘do not waste electricity’ etc., leaving everyone pondering over environmental issues and raising awareness about the benefits of plantation.
It was an educative and informative session for the students. Students got to learn a lot and will always cherish the memories of this important occasion.

Grade XI Students Visit Biodiversity Park July 17, 2018

  • SHIS Activity

The students of grade XI-A were taken on an educational trip to the Tau Devi Lal Botanical garden on 17th July 2018 to study biodiversity and gain a better understanding of morphology of plants.
They explored a variety of plant species and gained insights about various kinds of gymnosperms, their leaf modifications, roots etc. The students collected various species of flowers for their herbarium and saw different kinds of inflorescences.
Palmate leaves, compound leafed clovers, simple leaves with different kinds of venations and arrangements helped them understand the major morphological characters of the leaves. Observing the pale colored leaves helped them understand about leucoplasts and other pigments in the leaf. The students gained interesting insights about the arrangement of reproductive organs of the plants etc. Seed dispersion was another intriguing part of their observations as they saw live pollination and dispersal by bees, insects and wind.
Various types of different colored insects and bugs helped them understand the process of attraction to colorful and pompous flowers.
The experience was enriching and indeed educating since all the students were able to learn something new about plants and their growth along with being awe struck at the gorgeously colorful birds, which was a bonus.

Green School Programme Workshop

  • SHIS Activity

CSE (Centre for Science and environment) conducted a workshop on August 2, 2017 for different schools to provide information about the Green School Programmes, CSE guidelines and different tasks that are needed to be followed while submitting the GSP report. Our school was represented by Ms.Tista and Ms.Maneesha.
The workshop started with a briefing by Ms. Ranjeeta Menon about the Centre for Science and Environment. Then Ms. Ajanta took over and explained the online portal of GSP. She guided everyone through the audit criteria and different sections of GSP protocol with the help of PPT. After the briefing a short tour of the CSE campus was given showing their 5 types Segregation Systems, Rain Water Harvesting System, and their Decentralized Sewage Treatment Plant and Mechanical Compost Pit. She explained the need of the audit submission on time and also emphasised the importance of sensitizing the students on environment related issues.
External speakers from a private waste management firm “POM-POM” were also present there who explained about their motto and how they are helping us to manage our school`s waste. Ms. Ajanta finally read a performance report stating the points that are important for scoring good marks in the GSP Audit. The workshop culminated with the Certificate distribution ceremony. The workshop was an interesting interactive session and helped in clarifying all the audit and report submission related doubts.
As the saying goes- “We don’t inherit the Earth from our ancestors but borrow it from our Children”. With this thought in mind we take a pledge to do all we can to save the planet.

Van Mahotsav Week Organized in Primary Wing Grades – I to V from 24th July to 28th July 2017

  • SHIS Activity

“What we are doing to the forests of the world is a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another”………….…Mahatma Gandhi
We, at SHIS celebrated Van Mahotsav Week, with great fervor under the aegis of Dr. Lilly George, Founder-Managing Director, SHIS.
We also believe that science and scientific knowledge greatly influence the progress of a nation and quality of life of its citizens. Promoting scientific temperament in students and developing a rational perspective is given utmost importance here.
Keeping the same in view, our young environmentalists have been active on the scientific front, educating, promoting and laying their duties sensibly. Day 1 activity conducted served its purpose to educate the children about the impact of human activities on Earth and how they can help to save it for themselves and the future generations to cherish and treasure.
The young students even distributed handmade paper bags and urged people to do their bit to save the environment by planting saplings and hence making a small contribution to make this world a better place.
The children and the teachers took a pledge to sensitize people in their vicinity about the importance of trees and how we can save the Earth from destruction and work towards conserving it.
They spoke about innovative ideas for sustainable development without jeopardizing the non-renewable resources. They particularly stressed on the imperative need for banning plastics, its harmful effects and requested people in the market place to say ‘No to plastics’.
During the week-long event, the students were trained about how to make the best out of waste. In the process they learnt to make a Photo frame from newspapers. We also organised a green March and community outreach programme to spread awareness to the residents, shopkeepers, menial workers and junior students. The young Citizens promoted ideas Like - Benefits of Afforestation, Stopping the use of Plastic Bags, Working towards reducing pollution etc.
Students left no stones unturned in creating awareness about their topic by using placards and raising slogans. They urged the people to join their initiative and asked their opinion on how they can contribute towards a better society through feedback forms. The week ended with the creative minds pouring out their imagination on paper by making posters on the topic ‘ Go Green – Save Earth’.
The objective of conducting Van Mahotsav Week was to reinforce the belief in the young Shalomites that it is only them who can make the difference by taking such small initiatives which can turn into a revolution and hence benefit them in the longer run.
As the saying goes- “We don’t inherit the Earth from our ancestors but borrow it from our Children”. With this thought in mind we take a pledge to do all we can to save the planet.

Shalom Celebrates Van Mahotsav

  • SHIS Activity

With the blessings and under the competent guidance of Founder-Managing Director, Dr. (Mrs.) Lily George, Shalom celebrated Van Mahotsav in school. The celebration was an ideal opportunity to instill personal and social responsibility in our students towards safeguarding our rich flora and fauna. The focus of these celebrations is towards forming a personal connect between the students and trees through a process of Experience, Reflection and Creation. To celebrate the Festival of Trees called ‘Van Mahotsav’, the students of Shalom prepared themselves by first collecting the seeds, then sowing them in sapling bags, and finally submitting the saplings of fruit bearing trees.
The students segregated the seeds and the saplings according to the names put on the posters. The students who showed interest in bringing fruit tree saplings were called for segregation of fruit tree seeds and saplings.
On this occasion MD Ma’am herself led by example and planted a sapling in the Kitchen garden area. She asked every student to touch, feel and sense the plants.
It was a great experience for the students. They willingly and enthusiastically participated in the activity and enjoyed it.

Shalom Seed Bank: A Parent- Student Initiative

  • SHIS Activity

Conserving and preserving the environment our survival depends on, is everyone’s responsibility. Taking the initiative, the students and parents of Shalom Hills International School pledged to keep their environment clean and to live in harmony with Mother Nature. The parents helped by contributing the seeds of fruit trees to the “Shalom Seed Bank” and the students of the school took up the challenge of planting all the collected seeds.
First they separated the collected seeds like Mango, Jamun, Litchies, Apricot, Apples, oranges etc. Then the soil was prepared by mixing it with vermicompost, which is made in the school. The manure mixed soil was filled in the bags provided to them, which were then arranged in the respective places where the seeds were to be sown.
Finally, the students sowed the seeds in the bags, watered them. They vowed to maintain them to protect our biodiversity, replenish the Water Cycle, minimize Soil Erosion, improve air quality and at large reduce “GLOBAL WARMING”.

Students of Grade VI visit a home for underprivileged on 20th Dec’16

  • SHIS Activity

As part of the ‘Joy of Sharing’ Week celebrations, the students of class IV visited Harmony House in Sector 17, Gurgaon on 20.12.16. The students were accompanied by Ms. Elizabeth B. Thomas and Ms. Sangeeta Madhok. It is a school run for the underprivileged children. The visit started with a brief introduction by the in-charge of the house, Ms. Harpriya. She shared the vision and mission of the centre. Then the students of SHIS interacted with the children at the centre.
In the ice-breaking session, the students at the Harmony House had to find a friend from Shalom students and they had to share a special quality they possessed in common. All the children joined in whole-heartedly in this fun game. The young Shalomites presented songs, recited poems and also gifted them with clothes and stationery items. Much to everyone’s delight, the children at the house also showcased their talent through dance, songs and poems. It was an extremely interactive session as the students established a great rapport with each other.

Pollution Awareness Rally by students of Class IX & X on 11th Nov’16

  • SHIS Activity

“Pollution is an undesirable change in the Physical, Chemical and Biological characters of Air, Land and Water”
In Gurugram, the high levels of pollution were caused due to the cumulative effect of increase in the pollutants, bursting of fire crackers, dip in temperature and slow wind speed. Under the inspiring vision and leadership of Dr Lilly George, the Founder-Managing, SHIS is engaged in several ‘green’ and environmental initiatives that seek to make its students ‘Green Soldiers’.
One such recent initiative was a rally taken out by the students of Grades IX-X accompanied by the Science and Sports teachers to spread awareness about Air Pollution in the vicinity and the community. The main objective of the rally was to educate people about proper way of protecting themselves from the particulate matters present in the atmosphere. The students covered their mouth and nose with masks and carried placards and posters with messages on how to protect themselves from smog. The students also took a solemn pledge to educate the members of their community and endeavour to preserve the surroundings.

Special Assembly on Vanmahotsav by Grade IV on 14th July’2016

  • SHIS Activity

The students of Class- IV presented a Special Assembly on 14th July’16 in the Middle Wing Auditorium. The assembly commenced with the Lord’s Prayer followed by Shalom Mission and Vision, News Headlines and Thought of the Week.
A video on the topic (Vanmahotsav) was shown, which highlighted the importance of forests in our lives and harmful effects of deforestation. The students of class IV A and F presented a skit while the students of IV E presented a Hindi song on environment. The talented juniors of Class – IV G presented amazing facts related to forests followed by Shalom Anthem and National Anthem.
A Quiz was conducted to check the understanding of the students (audience). Ms. Suniti Bhai, Coordinator I-IV was present there to encourage all the participants and appreciated them for their wonderful performance.

Poster Making Activity on ‘Save Me and My Environment’ held for Class V students on 12nd July’16

In SHIS, Environmental Awareness is developed in the school children from the early years and every occasion is utilized to engage them in tree-planting and other related environmental activities. 'Van Mahotsav' – the festival of trees is a beautiful initiative to save the environment which is undertaken in SHIS with great enthusiasm and vigour.
A Poster Making Activity on the occasion of Van Mohatsav was organized for Grade V students. Generally, native trees are planted as they readily adapt to the local conditions, integrate into eco-systems and have a high survival rate. Besides, such trees are helpful in supporting local birds, insects and animals as well.
The intrepid students participated with immense zeal and made beautiful posters which gave the message ‘ How we can save our environment and provide a greener environment to our future generations'.
The posters made by the young Shalomites also were an eye-opener as they served as a tool to spread awareness of trees among people and portray the need of planting and tending to trees.
The activity also helped in strengthening the bond between plants, animals and children.

  • SHIS Activity

Go Green - Our choice and creed

When the going gets tough, the tough go green

At Shalom Hills International School, we believe that there is only choice in life - that is the right choice. We teach our students to choose environmental responsibility over any other i.e to 'think, be and go green' all the time. For this reason, the school engages its students in several projects, campaigns, crusades as part of its abiding 'Go Green' commitment.

The various green school activities taken up by school are:

  1. Green school sustainability programme in association with IIM Ahemabad and ecoslate
  2. Green school programme for waste , air, water, land carbon foot print audit
  3. Go Green drive by Interact Club
  4. Save Environment campaign
  5. Save Electricity campaign

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SHIS has joined Green Rhino which is an ecological programme on Nature Conservation making rapid in roads, among various schools across the country. Its mission is to create, educate and motivate young minds to preserve and conserve the rich biodiverty.On 18TH April 2016, Mr. Ananda Menon, a National Coordinator for Green Rhino and a keen Nature Specialist who has also worked on Nature Conservation in Sunderbans, West Bengal, interacted with the school’s Green Rhino team members and learnt about the progress of the project. The teacher representatives, Ms Ambika Yadav and Ms Richa Jaini shared valuable ideas and approaches with Mr. Menon and students.

We all know about environment but our knowledge goes in vain if we are unable to sensitize others about the cause on Conservation. It was with this approach of making a difference in our society that some of our students aim to be active citizens by visiting nearby slums for an awareness drive or starting an online petition against the cutting down of trees. Mr. Memon was quite impressed with the progress made and students’ efforts in the project. .

1. In-House Green school programme

Bearing in mind that environmental challenges are growing and also that they can be met and countered if each one of us is aware and involved, Shalom Hills International School has a concurrent and on-going Green House Programme. As a part of it, the school children have realized that we all need to change the way we manage natural resources; alter our consumption patterns so that we can do more with less; and innovate with current technologies so that we can improve the environment around us.

The benefits of GPS can be felt at multiple levels

  • It acts as a tool to explore, identify & document the living resources which exist within the school premises.
  • The audit process helps the school community to draw up a roadmap for sustainable development.
  • Also, GSP is a self-assessment program. It helps in the school audit, the use of school resources and maps out their consumption and wastage. The exercise involves collection of information under the following heads - Water, land, energy, waste and air


  • Formation of audit teams from class VI to X
  • Fixing the task under each category
  • Implementation of task
  • Compiling the results
  • Preparing green school report card
  • Give suggestive measure for improving green measures in school

2. Sustainable Development through Green School Programme in association with Eco Slate and IIM, Ahmedabad

"To make choices that helps us to satisfy our needs for survival without compromising on the ability of next generation to do the same"

In order to inculcate an abiding respect for the above values in every Shalomite, the school has started with Green School Programme in association with IIM, Ahmedabad.

The whole purpose of the programme is that it helps the students to gain:

  • A skill for lifetime which will enable them to make smarter decisions in life and move forward faster
  • Ability to adapt to the emerging green economy and contribute back to society


Topic Covered
S.No. Sustainability Element Outcome
1 Waste and Food Waste Audit and a Food Audit report of the school
2 Water and Air Water Audit and Indoor Air Quality report will be prepared for the school
3 Carbon Footprint A Carbon Footprint Audit report of the school
4 Energy Audit An energy audit report of the school

Waste and food

  1. Through a series of activities and games, the students were made to realize how food is the basic need required for survival of human being. Apart from that, it was made clear that in a country like India that is ridden and beset with exist social inequities, people from urban area have access to good food but they are little irresponsible when it comes to consumption and often waste the same.
  2. The school children were made aware about the social situation wherein a lot of wastage is happening and how they too as individual can contribute in minimizing wasteful consumption of food. Small effort from our side can bring big changes.
  3. Students were also given assignment to record their meal and check the wastage of food happening at their homes. Thus, the children were sensitized and they came back with reports on how much food was being wasted and how they were taking care to reduce it.
  4. The students were also explained as how climate change in last 10 years has affected our food production. So they were sensitized about how they can contribute for greener and better environment today for a better tomorrow.
  5. Every product we consume has its life cycle right from its production to disposal so LCA assessment is very important. LCA is a technique to assess the environmental impacts associated with all the stages of a product life, and therefore the role we can play at every stage.
  6. The students were also sensitized as how many miles the food which we eat has travelled before reaching our plate and hence they gained insight into the effect of environmental conditions on distribution and packaging of food.
  7. While we are willing to go green, it is the lack of knowledge and understanding of the systems that stops us from making sustainable choices. The students were then told about a tool which can simplify the decision making process and help all to manage our resources and lifestyle better. That tool is known as the Carbon Footprint.
  8. What is Carbon Footprint?:The students were given the formula and each element of the formula was explained to them.

Carbon Footprint = Output of an activity x Emission Factor of that Activity

3.Campaigns by Shalom Interactors

The members of the school's elite Rotary Interact Club which is a part of Rotary International exhibit their deep-seated commitment to the cause of a 'Green n Clean Environment' by initiating a 'Clean up campaign' in Gurgaon.

3.a. - Clean up the bazaars - One particular clean up campaign was organized by the young students when they took upon themselves to educate and sensitize the vendors and green grocers about the imperative need to reduce wastage and to dispose off waste properly.

Undeterred by the dreary and overcast sky and a hibernating sun, the youngsters laden with paper bags and high spirits went up to the fruit and vegetable vendors in Civil Lines, Gurgaon. They educated them about the need to keep the surroundings where they live and work hygienic and clean. They handed over the utilitarian paper bags prepared by Grade V students to the green grocers and vegetable sellers, thus exhorting them to practically say a 'No to plastic bags'. The students placed placards and slogans highlighting the urgent need to clean up the environment at strategic points and positions in Civil Lines.

The Gen-X of the school lived up to Gandhiji's immortal words 'we must be the change we wish to see around us' by clearing up the littering fruit peels and rotten vegetables lying scattered around the area, the youngsters influenced the bystanders and others in the vicinity to also join in and clean up the debris. The students set an example before the grown-ups by wearing cloth aprons and protecting their hands with sterilized gloves thereby give a practical demonstration of how waste materials should also be disposed off in a hygienic and effectual manner.

4. Cyber Fair Waste Management project -

The students of Shalom Hills International School became the only ones in Delhi NCR region to win the Platinum Award for International Cyber Fair (an American State Government endorsed programme. This is an award-winning authentic learning program which allows the students across the world to conduct research on topics of general or social interest and publish their findings on the Web. American State government endorsed program affords an international interface to the youth to connect with the global world by working collaboratively, using technology to collate their findings and share with the world through self-designed web-sites.

The intrepid and environmentally committed team of 18 students of Shalom Hills engaged in a brain friendly and e-learning project on the environment livewire topic of 'Waste Mismanagement in Gurgaon'. Their project with its compelling title 'Waiting for the signal to turn green' has enhanced the students' knowledge of and sensitivity towards environmental issues. The youthful team-members, in the process of collaborative working, developed team coordination, improved their communicative competencies and enriched their content know-how in Science and Environmental Studies. They acquired the much desired sense of civic responsibility and international mindedness, thus acquiring traits necessary for their role as global citizens and community ambassadors in the coming years. Shalomites exhibited their 'world is one' perspective by 'thinking globally and acting locally.'

a. Adopt a crossroad
Shalom students involved in a tree plantation near the Crossroads junction.
When the students of Shalom Hills International School take up a cause, they do it in full throttle and render more than full justice to it. Taking up the cause of making their city green and clean, they have adopted the crossroads junction near the school in collaboration with an NGO Uttaan. The plucky students have made themselves responsible for the maintenance and development of the area. Frequently, the senior graders along with their Teacher incharges visit the cross-roads and immerse themselves in clearing up and beautifying the area.

b. Vermiculture
To ensure environmental sustainability in the school and employ all the possible measures of waste management, a vermipit has been created in Shalom Hills International School by the Cyberians. The idea is to teach children about reducing and recycling of waste. All the kitchen waste is dumped here and earthworms are put, which converts this waste in to manure of excellent quality.

Paper Mache and Wealth out of Waste activities
The school's Cyber Fair team also decided to involve their fellow students in a paper mache activity. Believing in 'Practice what you preach', they made recycling old newspapers the agenda of their regular project and decided to involve all the classes and fellow-students in the worthy cause of waste management and environment conservation.

The Cyber Fair children brought heaps of discarded newspapers to the school and also brought along multani mitti (the reason for adding multani mitti is that it acts as an adhesive; a binder). Prior to this they had been meshing the papers for the last three days and so they were ready for use during for the activity.

The Cyberians distributed this pulp to all the childen who subsequently mixed fevicol to it. Amidst excited laughter and merriment, the pulp was then scrunched and meshed yet again and the following creations were crafted from the pulp.

  • Some groups spread it on thin plastic sheet and got recycled paper
  • Some children applied mache on balloons and made beautiful designs on them
  • Yet another set of students crafted beautiful show pieces like photo frame, ganesha idol, spheres, mountain, volcano, snow man.
  • A few creative geniuses used their imagination and applied it on cardboard cut-outs, then painted and coloured them.

5. Say No to Crackers

The 'Say No to Crackers' campaigns by Shalom students go beyond the conventional trappings and lip service; they are thoughtfully planned and serve to sensitize the children and through them the community about the life of brutality and danger that the poor children lead while working in factories making firecrackers. These campaigns are a sincere attempt on the behalf of the school to bring a sense of realization in the society as to how these children get victimized.

Through posters, cards promoting Green Diwali, thematic paintings, slogans and catchy captions on 'Save Environment', 'Go-Green', 'Abolishing Child labour', 'Noise Pollution', 'Air Pollution', 'Harm to animals and birds' and 'Disturbance to the elderly and babies' the students of Shalom Hills International School have tried their best to spread awareness among their fellow-students and society for the imperative need to stop bursting crackers and have highlighted the far-reaching repercussions on man, animals and environment alike.